Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy 38th to Me

 Yesterday was, without a doubt, one of the warmest birthdays I can remember.  The sun was shining and temps hovered in the mid-60s first thing in the morning.  Because it was so beautiful, B called into work and managed to get the day off so he could come and play with me in CW. 

One of the best parts of going walking and playing with B is that he doesn't gripe and stress about me stopping to take photos of EVERYTHING.  :oP  In fact, he will often stop as well and we'll take turns taking the same photo from different vantage points. 

I was chuffed to see the Christmas tree was already sitting in Merchant's Square ready to be decorated. :o)

Merchant's Square itself was all decked out, but not much had been done in CW yet. 

Although it had rained hard the night before and left puddles behind, the sun was out and glorious.  It was one of those days when the sun would glint and glare off the wet pavement. 

We stopped in the Colonial Garden first--my favorite!--and spent a lot of time poking around over there.

Next, we were off on our usual route. 

What's this?  Decorating in action? Woo hoo!  It's coming soon!  :o)

(In fact, I follow quite a few folks on IG that will post CW photos and they had photos of some of the more elaborate wreaths going up today!)

Most of the trees are spent.  Here's my maple...

Until next year...

On the way back past the Colonial Garden, I discovered they'd opened for business for the day and had some of their gorgeous wreaths out for sale.

There is no WAY I could afford one of these bad boys, but I can sure look at them and admire them. :o)

I'm checking into tutorials for how to make the dried oranges (Jori found one I'm all over!) and I'm going to get a plain wreath from TJ's and see if I can doctor it a bit. :o)

Baskets and buckets of make-your-own goodies.

There were buckets chilling by this well.

I'd not seen them before and of course had to take TONS of photos.

I had posted on my CW IG about the creek that runs through CW, and how Bean and I were intrigued and wondered where it went after DoG Street.  A nice gentleman who used to work in the Colonial Garden gave me the name of another colonial gardener and suggest I ask him about it. 

I found the gentleman in question and he was able to answer my question!  It turns out, the source is pretty much a bunch of springs that converge under DoG Street, and it that it was the actual residents of CW in the eighteenth century who diverted the creek and filled in the ravine and built a retaining wall that still exists today.  How cool is that?  :o)

We finished our walk and headed to TJ's to pick up a couple items we needed for dinner (B made ribs!) and went home and I just sat and did NOTHING.  It was GRAND!

Eventually it was dinner time.  Mom and Dad and GG came to join us and we had a wonderful time together.  :o) 

I can't think of a single "bad" thing from my day.  It was beautiful all around, and I have to say, 38 has gotten off to a brilliant start! :o)


One of my gifts from Nana and Pop.  I've wanted a mortar and pestle for quite awhile now!

My gifts from my sweet girlies who know me well.  The fox has no name as of yet, but I'm working on it.  The bird is "Leonard".  These two join Eugene, Felix and Francis from last year. :o)

Hello, Holly Doggy!  She's a bit lost because we have rearranged the living room a bit due to all the holiday prep and the love seat is no longer where it used to be.  She had to settle for the ottoman.  (See the stack of boxes?  I'm giddy to get started!)


Apparently we've been living in tourist-ville USA a bit too long if someone feels this comfortable wearing socks with sandals...;oP

Funny story about these socks, they're Tuesday socks.  You see, we inherited days-of-the-week socks and Bean has to be sure she's wearing the "right" socks every day.  She figures them out herself.  I'm pretty impressed. 

Gee, wonder why these delightful looking chocolates caught my eye at TJ's...;o)

 Y'all, it's a balloon wiener dog done in glass!

 Found these bad boys on the clearance rack.  They're Lil's size, and they're her "first high heels!!!!!!!!"  She is IN LOVE and I had to practically FORCE her to take them off and put on her pj's.  :oP

 The baby fox might have jumped in my cart to go with the new fox from my birthday.  ;o)  Now I need TWO names...:o)

No milestones. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Wrap-Up in Photos

Lil had a haircut Saturday morning.  For a child that at first loathed my haircut, she sure fell in love with it and wanted it for herself. 

There's not much difference in it, and yet, somehow she looked more grown-up afterward.  How is this possible? 
Mindy didn't stack the back of hers as much as mine--I was sure Lil wanted it MUCH shorter in the back--but Lil says it's perfect and she LOVES it. :o)

Bean and her classmate dipped candles in class last week.  This tiny little thing was dipped about twenty times.  It really makes you appreciate how much work it took to get a decent sized candle. 

Anyhow, she wanted to burn it during dinner, so we did.  :o)

Friday night we did an early birthday dinner (for me) and after dinner our little family headed to Yankee just to see what we could see.  I know it's torture for B to be in the candle room (too many conflicting fragrances give him an insta-headache) so I really appreciated the sacrifice he made. 

I loved this sweet outdoor display they had going on.

I know I'm so blessed to live here, and I don't want to ever forget that.  I can't recall having seen this guy before (love his colonial garb and tricorn hat!), but I'm sure he's always been there.  He's holding a pole with a lantern on the end. 

Santa was there, but we skipped visiting, as the girlies felt it was too early since we've not even had Thanksgiving yet.  Okay.

Me?  I'm feeling no such qualms.  Christmas Eve is a month away from tomorrow and Thanksgiving is late this year.  I've been busily making snowflakes (I made up those two designs...) and yesterday, this happened:
After watching what had to be the worst football game ever (seriously, I've watched some BAD Hokies football, I sat through the 2-8-1 season and the loss to Temple at Homecoming.  I'm no stranger to Chokies football.  But, to go into OVERTIME with a score of 0-0???  That has got to be some kind of record for terrible.), B and I began bringing Christmas down from the workshop attic.

Man I've got a lot of stuff.  o.O 

We're not putting out any lights outside until after Thanksgiving, although folks on our street have already done so.  We have Hannah's tree standing and lighted, but no ornaments yet, and boxes and tubs and detritus everywhere. 

My plan is to spend a little time each day putting up some Christmas.  Saturday we'll go to a cut-your-own place across the river.  We'll take the pixie boat over and the place is an Alpaca/Christmas tree farm.  I'm pretty excited to go as I've never gotten to go and cut down my own tree.  My stepdad would go into the woods to find a tree around Christmas Eve, and my dad would already have a tree.  Later, we would just go to tree lots or Lowe's or some such. 

I want to start a new and fun tradition with the girls, and I think this might be it. 
 But, before we do that, we have Thanksgiving.  And, goodness knows I LOVE Thanksgiving!  We're supposed to go to Uncle Glen and Aunt Terri's.  Their kiddos won't be there (everyone was just in town for the wedding), but the rest of the family should be and I'm really looking forward to it. 

Now to find out what I'm supposed to be bringing...;oP

The downside of being at somebody else's home for Thanksgiving is there are no leftovers (if you're B who doesn't much care for turkey and who loathes stuffing, this is fine).  Because of this, I'm going to make a pumpkin pie to have Friday.  :o)

Next week begins the month of craziness.  Lissie will come to visit Tuesday through Friday (we'll knock out our Christmas cards!).  Saturday we have the Christmas parade, then trains in Norge and then gingerbread house decorating with GG.  Sunday is the Grand Illumination. 

The following week will involve furious candy making, dinner with our friends Friday night, and I know we have something going on Saturday.  The following week more baking and Lil's birthday. 

I need to mix in finishing Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, mailing cards and possibly making a Christmas wreath. 

Oh, and I would like to make a few more snowflakes and they all need to be starched and blocked.  Yikes!

So, yes, the busy season is upon us.  Hooray! :oP


1.  We did a bunch of yard work this weekend.  Saturday I discovered this:
This is not a spider plant throwing off babies, this is a DAYLILY.

Look at it!  How strange is this?  I've never seen such a thing. 

I pulled off all three "babies" and am now seeing if I can root them.  What's the worst that can happen? They die?

George decided to be all kinds of snuggly while B and I were watching a movie last night. 

3.  CW autumn pics overload about to commence.  It was rainy and icky, and yet, there was still beauty.

4.  I saw this and laughed because it's TRUE:

5.  Making birthday plans for tomorrow.  B will come home early to smoke some ribs for dinner.  Nana and Pop and GG will come and it's going to be lovely.  :o) 

No milestones.