Thursday, January 29, 2015


It has come to my attention this young lady will be leaving me next year.  I'm already starting to have pangs at the thought.

 Looking at her, though, I know it's time.  She's so big now, so grown.  I'm fairly certain she's shot up a couple of inches in the past month.  I know she had a growth spurt last month because I couldn't get enough food into her.


Then, her size four pants were too short.  Think Michael Jackson...

But, because she's so skinny (32 pounds) size fives fall down to her knees.  Things'll be better come spring when crop pants are appropriate.  :oP



School is on the horizon and I'm a rather saddened.  I've had her with me for almost five years.  She's my buddy, my constant companion, my shadow.

Today we were in Michael's together, falling in love with all the fun Valentine's goodies and crafts.

We picked up a necklace making kit (for 40% off!) that had pieces for two necklaces.

She needed no help.  She looked at the picture on the package and had them both together lickety split.

They're pretty cute, but not as cute as she is.  :o)

I had no idea I would love this SAHM gig as much as I have.  I wouldn't have missed these precious moments for the world.


So, yeah.  Michael's had wooden props for $1/each today.

Not to be outdone by little sis. 

They kill me!


Still in love with Elsa and all her Elsa goodies.

 Laziest dogs ever.

Making some felt Valentine's hair clippies.  These are prototypes.  I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. :o)

4.  Your CW hit for the day:

5.  There might maybe be snow in the forecast for Sunday...Stay tuned!

No milestones.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crafting with Lissie

As per the norm when Lissie is here, we did lots and lots of crafting...well, card making at any rate. 

She's been receiving Paper Pumpkins in the mail every month, and they had stacked up.  She and I find we enjoy card making more when we have company. 

Worried about the pile o' boxes she had going on in her own stamping space, Liss brought with her six boxes of incomplete projects.  :o)

Monday we worked on three kits.  All of us (including Miss Bean, as you can see) made cards.  Bean needed a bit of help here and there, but mostly was good to do on her own.

Bitty flew through them and I couldn't have been more proud of her.  She has a fine-tuned attention to (crafting) detail.  If only she could it apply it towards her chores...;oP

After dinner and putting the girls to bed Monday evening, Liss and I hit the offudio and made a couple more cards.

We used the leftovers from one of the kits (the banners and the white pieces with the sentiment) and DSP from my stash. 

It snowed Monday night and into early morning Tuesday. 

I think we got maybe an inch...

No worries, though, the girlies were ready to go! 

Lil was off from school (work day) and I had declared the day a "pajama day".  The girls were more interested in racing out to play in the snow than in staying in their jim jams and out they went. 

Bean was back first, with frozen fingers.  Wool mittens don't do to much to protect hands from icy water...

Bitty came in soon thereafter, and both girls raced upstairs to put their pajamas back on! :oP 
All comfy once more, we headed to the dining room to work on the last three kits. 

Well, kit one we had pretty much already completed at Lissie's.  Oops. 

Kit two we needed Valentine's Day treats to put in the cellophane bags provided.  Doh.

But, kit three we could do and boy howdy how fun was it?!?  See all those fun little confetti stars?  I had to punch them from paper. 

I saw the negative space in the paper and thought, "Hm...this could make an awesome stencil!"
And, it did!  We finished the kit, the girls went off to have a reading/resting break, and Liss and I played in the offudio some more. 

Please note all the following cards are the same layout and idea, the only difference is color of ink and washi tape.

Then, we decided to bump up the cards just a little bit, and made the following:

I was stymied last night and couldn't really come up with any new or fun ideas, so instead we sat and watched the Audrey Hepburn/Humphrey Bogart 1955 Sabrina and pretended to make cards.  ;o)

This morning, Liss took off, the girls both went to school, and we were back to life as normal.  I have Bible Study this evening and still need to do that homework. 

With that in mind, I'll leave you with some sparklies and I'm off.  :o)


1.  Another scarf coming together:

This one's for Lil. :o0

A couple of sunny day CW photos. 

They're filming an AMC TV show, TURN there at the moment.  Any of you watch it?  If so, is it worth me picking up?  I confess I'm intrigued. :o)

3.  The pets.
In the bathroom window yesterday morning.

She buried herself under the blanket.

And, check out Finn's position.  He's ready to jet, isn't he? :oP

4.  And, finally, Lil was Ellie's show and tell on Monday.  Lily stayed the day with the class and, according to Mrs. O, was a HUGE help!  Both girls were so chuffed by the entire experience my heart was overflowing from happiness.  :o)

No milestones:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Where I've Been

I have mentioned I'm trying to spend less time in front of screens and playing on the internet (I'm SO guilty of that one) and as a result, I'm not opening my laptop at all, which in turn means the blog suffers and I'm not caught up on ANYBODY'S lives right now.  :oS

But, I've been keeping busy and crafty instead. 

Last Friday GG and I really got a good start on piecing our quilt.  Here is where I set up to sew with her.  After using the Free-Westinghouse machine for so long, I had to relearn the subtleties of my Jenome.  Eep!

This is the view from my seat.  :o)

I see GG and we listen to classical music and the sound of the sewing machines humming, and really, it's a lovely lovely thing.  :o)

Here's a closer look at what I was working on. 

The pattern is Shakespeare in the Park by Judy Martin.  I'm working on the Virginia Reel pieces while GG works on the stars.  :o)

GG has a bit more practice than I and has been zipping through the stars. :oP  That, and the fabric is living at her house.  ;o)

Because the pieces are at her house, I wasn't certain what had already been cut and what hadn't.

Which, as I'm sure you can imagine, led to a bit of trouble.  I cut way more "F" HSTs (half-square triangles and "F" is the triangle in that pattern) than I needed and managed to run out of blue fabric before I've cut everything I need. 


So, GG and I headed to JA Saturday morning to correct that mistake.  Yes, yes, I "measured twice and cut once", but I didn't count...

While we were at JA, I needed to check into some yarn.  This reminded GG she had wanted to look for a pattern to make a scarf she had seen. 

We found all sorts of fun Red Heart yarn and fabric and before I knew it, I was whipping out my phone to scan the QR codes on the skeins to see if they provided the patterns necessary to make the scarves we saw. 

The first we found was Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric.  (I seriously couldn't resist the skulls...)

We watched the video featured on the page, and discovered the fabric comes with these handy holes along the top and all you have to do is knit using those.

(I haven't knit in 9 years or so, and forgot how giant my needles were, so these are too big but they got the job done.)

You are simply knitting four back and forth and back and forth.  It took me maybe three hours tops to finish it.
Who wore it better? ;o)
As you can see, from a distance you can't even tell they're skulls. 

It makes a delightfully fluffy, ruffly scarf, and seriously, I think anyone could manage it from just watching the video. 
I had it almost finished when we had to leave for our monthly dinner with our friends so I just brought it with me.  I sat and chatted and knit and finished it up.

Hey look!  I procured appropriately sized needles! ;o)
Because I wasn't content to knit just one scarf (I do so love having handwork to do when watching TV or listening to an audiobook) I picked up a skein of Red Heart's Boutique Sashay Yarn

There was a QR code on this as well, so I of course had to pull it up to watch the video. (You should have seen is crowing around my little phone screen, totally blocking the aisle...)

It looks rather like a flat ribbon, and then you discover this:

It opens up to be all sorts of crocheted looking. See that "train track" looking area at the top of the ribbon?  You use that as your yarn loop with which to knit.  And, again, you're simply knitting back and forth and back and forth until you finish up.

Honestly!  These models of mine! 

I was able to knit this in maybe three or four hours--it's not quite as fast going as the Sassy Fabric, at least for me.

Isn't it lovely?  Another fluffy, ruffly (SPARKLY! It has sequins!) scarf!  I picked up numerous skeins because they're so fun to make and FAST. :o)

I have to tell you, I'm a visual learner.  There'd be no way in the world I could figure out how to knit these simply reading paper directions.  YouTube and videos are my best friend in the entire world!  There are a couple of other Red Heart videos on YouTube, demonstrating using the same products and going into a bit more depth.  I mention this, because I truly believe they make it simple enough to follow anyone can do it! :o) 

Lissie is in town for the next couple of days, so I'll definitely be MIA until at least Wednesday, if not Thursday. 

For those of you in the path of the Big Blizzard of 2015 (does it have a name yet?), my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Hang in there. 


1.  I got a haircut last week!
I'd never seen it straight with this cut so I asked her to blow it out.  B came home, freaked and said, "You look like my sister!"  Because I can go two-four days without washing when my hair is straight, he just had to deal until Friday morning.  He thanked me for the entire family when I styled it like normal. 

As I said on Instagram, I prefer my curls.  They're who I am now.  :o)  Straight works, but given B's rather visceral reaction, it's best if I don't.  ;oP

2.  Dinner with the SCG Saturday.  I really look forward to them!

3.  Liss is here!

4.  Card time!!!!!!!

5.  Crafting.

6.  Less screen time.  (But that leads to not being with my friends.  I need to find some balance.)

No milestones.