Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Of Snow and Snow Days and Such

The girls missed school all last week--as I predicted.  Monday was a two hour delay--which didn't surprise me.

What did surprise me was the snow that came pouring forth yesterday afternoon.  Apparently it surprised everyone because I saw it in no forecasts and there it was.  2"+ in the more eastern and southern areas.  We got maybe an inch.  Guess who didn't go to school today?  Yup. 

Sure, it took B three hours to get home last night (it's typically about a 45 minute commute), and yes, the roads were definitely icy, but I was thinking a two hour delay.  Another snow day?? ARGH!

I say that because this is tonight's forecast...

They won't go to school until Monday. 

I love snow.  Utterly adore it and can't get enough of the stuff.  However, snow days are accumulating and I'm really starting to worry about make up days...

This one?  NO worries at all.  She is soaking all the snow and snow days in.  :o)

This one?  Cried her little heart out this morning when she found out there was no school.  She about broke my heart.  There was supposed to be a field trip today, and she just absolutely loves school and her teacher and her classmates.  She's always so sad when I pick her up and she asks me why she can't go to school all day like Lily does.  She's giddy at the thought of riding the bus and going ALL DAY next year. :o) 

But, there's no school, and alas, no make up days for preschool.  :o(

The girls played hard last week, and with 4"-7" I know they'll play hard again.  I'm really looking forward to playing with them.  I just hope there will be no slush balls to the face tomorrow. :oS  Poor Bean.  She never complained to me even once.  She took the hit when the girls were all playing outside and I didn't notice until after her bath that night.  Oops. 

Tough kiddo. 

B didn't go back to work until Friday last week.  He went in delayed today.  He spent part of his snow day working on my sewing stool.  It's in the shop awaiting one more coat of stain and a coat of poly.  He covered the top Saturday and I failed to get a photo yet.  Doh. 

I'm fairly certain he'll be off the next two days as well and he'll work on his final for this Art of Warfare class that's due Sunday. Then, he can finish my stool. :o)  Just in time too...

I've been spending the snow days crafting.  I'm hoping to finish knocking out these Virginia Reel pieces today.  I'm not hopeful, though, because I'm going to tackle the junk drawers in the kitchen.  They're dropping their contents into the cabinet below so it's time to weed and straighten and clean.  It's time for that annual purge and declutter.  :oP

I've also spent quite a bit of time knitting.  :o)

Aren't they pretty?  I fall in love with each one I make and want to keep it. ;o)  I'm getting a box of them made to ship to Liss who might be able to find buyers for them. :o)

I've also spent time cleaning and tossing toys and such from the playroom. 

We shifted and reorganized and I can stand to be in there once more. 

For someone who loathes change as much as I, it's ironic I love rearranging as much as I do.  ;oP 

As Ellie grows older, I'm weeding out the toddler toys.  Who am I kidding?  She was never that into the toddler toys anyhow. She's always been on the move and ready to be older and more advanced than her age with regards to keeping up with her sister. 

She has given up her last vestige of babyhood--her paci.  I knew the paci was bad for her mouth and teeth, but she found such comfort in it, and I'll confess, I was comforted looking at her sleeping with her finger poked down in the paci and the paci in her mouth, her little tongue poking out just a bit.  It's gone.  It's good it's gone, and yet, I could just cry.  It's another little milestone, another step that brings me further from babies...:o( 

On the bright side, visits to the dentist and ortho will be more pleasant now. ;o)

I really do need to sit and just do an update on both girls....when I can find the time.  I've been keeping busy off the computer, and it's been rather lovely.  I'm not mindlessly playing around anymore.  It's odd, and kind of nice. :o)

And, on that note, the junk drawers are calling.  So is Lil and her discovery of Google Maps on her tablet--she is currently exploring US geographic landmarks.  This on the heels of exploring Blacksburg and Williamsburg. ;o)


1.  I got myself flowers.
TJ's has the BEST prices and the loveliest flowers!

Four bunches of daffys here, waiting to bloom. :o)

I got this to aid my Lenten prayer this year.  I already had a couple, but I wanted one I had selected on my own.  My others are lovely as well, but this one is really me.  We are doing family rosary every Friday evening.  It may have to change since I'd like to take Lil to the Stations of the Cross one Friday evening. 

3.  Snow!!!!  Oh how I ADORE it!

4.  Time with my girls.  Since I feel my heart clench every time I think of Bean heading off to school next year, this time is precious. 

5.  Plans for snow days to come. :o)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day 2/18/15

Since this is what our street currently looks like...

 ...and this is the forecast for this evening...

 ...and this is the forecast for tomorrow (um, BRRRR!!)...

 ...we're right here at the bottom of the list. 

Just like predicted. 

 They actually sent a salt/sand truck down the street (color me stunned!), and it got to about 36 or so today, so slush was churned from the ice rink we began with this morning. 

But, that slush is going to refreeze.  And, if our flat street looks like that, I can only imagine what the back roads and wooded roads look like.  :oS  Combine that with tonight's low, and the high of 17(!!) tomorrow, and you've got yourself an icy mess. 

Nope.  We won't go to school until next week. 

I'm sure today the custodial staff worked on clearing the sidewalks and hopefully maintenance got out to plow the parking lots, but there's only so much they can do.  A storm like this that is nothing to those in the northeast or snow belt, is rather crippling for our area. 
I didn't spend much time outside today.  I crept out long enough to take a photo of my poor beleaguered daffys and a couple of shots of the girls playing.

My girlies bundled up and headed out at 9:30 this morning.  They played and played and played and then got Sadie and Sally.

They played and played some more, came in for lunch, went back out afterward and came in, finally, at 3:30. 

While they were busy out there, I was busy in here. :o)

Betty and I spent time churning out quilt pieces.  :o) 

I'm truly stunned that I've reached a point in my girls' lives that I can trust they'll be fine playing outside, that they'll come and get me if they need me, that they spent so many hours out in the cold and snow without waterproof mittens! :oP

Seriously, though, I wasn't sure I'd get to this point in parenting, the point where they don't awaken you in the morning so you can sleep in and they get their own brekky.  The point where they bundle up, take care of themselves and play for hours without needing you. 

It's been beautiful, and yet, strangely, I find myself missing them.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???  I have panic attacks when I think of going to CW next fall without Bean.  I can't do it.  I can't think about it.  I have to live in the here and now. 

My girls.  My beautiful, delightful, kind girlies.  They played so well together today.  It has to be hard for Bitty, as she's four years older, yet she plays nicely with her sister.  Today was a lovely, if not almost perfect snow day.  Tomorrow is another story...

Tomorrow, today's slushy snow will be jaggedy ice pieces.  Tomorrow, the high will be 17, not 37.  Tomorrow we're under a wind advisory.  Tomorrow may find my children vegging on tablets and consuming far too much in the way of consumer electronics. 

But, let's not think about that, let's just focus on what a joy today has been.  :o) 


1. See above.


I purchased these guys from TJ's last week for $3.99.  They are STUNNING!

3.  Snow days! 

4.  Time to be me.  So weird. 

No milestones.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 It happened!  We got snow!  Lots of it!  See, we even used Hannah's snow stick to measure!  We got about five inches of snow and a bunch of sleet on top to compact it and make a hard crust on top that makes breaking a path a bit challenging--especially if you're a small person or pooch. 

Here's our street this morning.  Lovely, no? 

Lil was dressed and ready to head out the door to the high school before I had even finished my coffee.  Oy.  She was only a little excited.

Why the high school, you ask?  Because that's where the biggest and best sledding hill is, of course!  And, if you're a little kid, you have to get there early, before the big kids wake up and take over. 

While Lil and Bean were waiting for B and I to get ready, they headed over to play with Sadie and Sally. 
We called to them as we reached the corer and headed on down the road.  Isn't it loverly?  I love how they clear our street for us, it makes it so safe to drive on, especially after a couple of thaw/freeze cycles...Gr. 

Here's a photo of the snow crust.  Poor Finn, he could walk a step or two on top of the snow and then "BAM" he'd break through and sink.  It was rather amusing to us, but I'm sure he didn't enjoy it one bit. :oS

Brien modeling his high school jacket.  :oP

It's a couple of blocks up the street to the high school, and the girls started trudging up the street. 

The, Bean caught a ride. 

Shortly thereafter, Lil caught a ride. 

 My two cutie patooties!

 Here's our big hill.  Isn't it ginormous? :oP

 For a fairly flat area, it's not a bad hill at all and the girls had a marvelous time. 

Ellie laughed and laughed because she had snowflakes in her eyelashes from the powder blowing in her face. 

Because it's so cold, the snow is that ultra-fine powdery kind that just blows and blows. 

Apparently the S sisters wanted to come and sled with my girls so they all had a blast for about an hour before the big kids came along and things started to get crowded. 

I rode the girls' sled back down the hill (the first time I've gone sledding since I tore all the ligaments in my right ankle back in high school...), and had a BLAST!! :oD

And, seeing as how I was already covered with snow, I decided to make a snow angel. 

 And the girls joined me.  :o)  Poor Bean couldn't seem to break through the ice crust. :oP

B thought we should walk home by the nature trail so we headed off in that direction. 

The views were stunning, but I'm not sure the girls thought they were worth the 2+ mile trudge through the snow. :oS

Me?  I loved every minute of it! 

B had to pay penance by pulling the girls along for part of the walk.

We made it home by noon and  found this crazy icicle hanging on this light!  It's the only icicle on our property.  So weird!

Here's the pond...

And, B and I tackled the driveway.  Oh dear mercy me.  Whew!  I swear we have the longest driveway in the world.  My biceps are shot

Lil stayed outside another hour and a half while I came in to nurse my sore muscles and finally have that hot cup of coffee! ;o)

As I predicted, the girls are out of school tomorrow as well.  I believe they've managed to clear the main roads, but these residential streets are a nightmare.  I'm sure tomorrow will be spent clearing sidewalks and parking lots at schools, but I have to tell you, I don't think it's going to do any good.  The temps aren't supposed to rise above freezing until Saturday, and B said he saw something about another inch of accumulation tomorrow night... We're out until next week.  I can feel it! :oD