Sunday, September 21, 2014


Happy birthday, sweet Monkey Mine.  You would be thirteen today.  Given the nature of Daddy's job and the mess going on in the world, we weren't able to get too far from home today, as we had wanted, in case he was recalled.  This left us all rather at sixes and sevens and not sure what to do, so instead we did nothing. 



That is NOT how we would have spent your birthday had you been here.  :oS  I'm sure we would have done something marvelous and sparkly, even if it was just getting out to explore as a family.  You were always so good at finding all those hidden treasures and pointing them out. 

I did however take Lil out for a trip to JA.  She's been clamoring for some alone time with me and I was more than happy to do it.  Daddy even explained to Bean why we were out, that she gets to have alone shopping time with me all the time, but that Bitty's in school so she doesn't. 

I was up three times with Beanie last night--she needed 'nuggles--so it was rather shocking to be awakened at 8:45 by Nana's phone call.  8:45.  I haven't stayed in bed that long since we lost you.  Those were long, dark days.  Daddy and I would hide out in our room in our bed and let Lissie take care of Lily. 

I laid and bed and just thought.  I remembered the exhilaration and exhaustion the day you were born.  It was a looooooong three days.  For everyone.  Then, you dratted baby, you wouldn't sleep.  You just laid there all big blue eyes looking at me.  I didn't know I could go to sleep and that you would be okay.  Instead, I stayed awake too.  And then, that night, there was a 9/11 tribute concert on all the channels.  I wonder if that's why 9/11 is so deeply ingrained in my memory--because it all happened around the same time.

Then I started wondering what kind of a teenager you would be.  Would you be moody and mardy and all around icky to be around?  Would you be kind and helpful with bouts of drama?  Would it be all drama all the time (this is what I'm leaning towards, knowing you)?  Would you be tall and lean now?  How tall?   What would your style be?  What classes would you be taking?  Would there be boy drama (duh, of course there would!)?  Who would be your best friend?  What activities would you like best? 

So many questions and no answers and it really really sucks.  So much. 

We had dinner with Nana and Pop and GG and Bill this evening.  I think we were all feeling tired and a bit down, and at points I felt as if I was forcing it a bit.  It's just been one hell of a crappy day. 

I miss you and your sunny delightful self.  I miss your drama and your incessant chatter and your joy and wonder in all that surrounds you.  I hope you had one heck of a birthday party.  Beanie and Lil seemed to think you would.  They were more concerned with you being with the pets--Waylen and Tillie and Chance and Mason and Guinness.  Lily was especially worried there might not be a cat--I know because she mentioned it more than once. 

I figure you were palling around with "Mr. Crag" and Papa and Great Grandpa and Uncle Johnny and all the rest of our family and all the new friends you've made. 

I miss you so much sweet girl. I miss what I'm missing. 

We love you so much.  Nary a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you and wonder...just wonder...

Happy birthday Sweet Monkey. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesdays with Grandma

I was privileged to spend today with this lovely lady.  She and I needed to get fabric for Miss Bean's Elsa costume and to look for fabric for a baby boy quilt since the bundle she had purchased last week wasn't going to work out after all.

After dropping Bean at school, I picked up Grandma and we headed to JA.  Ooooooh.  The joy that is JA sans children... :swoon:

I miss my Bean when she's not with me (I'm used to not having my Bit), but oh, today... today was lovely.  GG and I were able to walk amongst all the bolts of fabric.  We were able to look at everything we wanted to.  My time and energy weren't divided between trying to find something that would work, and making sure Beanie was behaving.  I tell you, once she got too big to ride in the cart, it was all over. :oS

She is a good girl in stores, it's just all that fabric that's so soft and beautiful is just begging to be touched.  Additionally, the child is utterly enchanted with everything she sees and wants to share it with me and for me to be enchanted as well.  It's all a bit distracting. 

I was able to take all the time I wanted (minding the time so we could get to co-op by noon to get Bean) looking for just the perfect fabric for her costume.  I think we found it.  :o)  Isn't that lovely?

GG found a bolt of fabric that was simply calling to her to be made into a vest.  We were able to sit at the pattern books and find a vest she liked.  To just be able to take time without being worried about a bored child getting into things...incredible.

We finished up with a trip back to the quilting cottons and the quilting bundles.  I swore I was going to get nothing.  I swore it.  Then, I saw these bundles.  Oh mercy.  They called to me mercilessly, ceaselessly, begging to come home with me to be made into a quilt.  A quilt I have no idea how to make, mind you...

I asked Grandma if they could be used in a quilt and she said, "Absolutely!  Oh, I hope you'll let me piece some of it with you!  I just love those colors--it'll be a beautiful quilt!"

So, I'm considering this to be "our" quilt.  It will be our project we work on together.  Because we didn't already have a costume we were working on, or anything like that...:oP

I'm going to iron these fat quarters tonight and find quilt patterns I like and share them with GG and see what she thinks and from there I'll move forward.  I figured piecing a quilt was something I could do here at home and that the costume I'll work on at Grandma's.  I have an idea of what I would like to do in my head, so here's hoping I can make it translate to a quilt.

Grandma and I have decided Wednesday is going to be our "girls' day out".  We'll get together every Wednesday and do something.  I have to say, I approve of this idea immensely.  :o)  It gives me something to look forward to when I don't have my Bean with me. 

Today we picked up Miss Ellie from school (in part so GG could see it) and then headed to the rocking chair store where GG treated for lunch.  It was a truly wonderful day.  I can't think of a happier time I've had in a long while.  :o)


My sweet Bitty girl.  I miss her during the day too.  I really do.

Our tickets!!! :oD  We're going to have a real honest-to-goodness grown-up date night and everything! :o)  Nana and Pop are going to keep the girls overnight for us as well.  Woohoo!

So, I forgot to put my Up into sleep mode the night before last and had to put it in manually.  Somehow, no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to correct and it was convinced I had slept 23,673 hours and 54 minutes.  :snort: Ha!!

I saw these cuties in the rocking chair store, and I gotta tell ya, it was a near thing.  I didn't look at the price because I knew I couldn't bring them home with me, no matter how much they called to my Hokies lovin' heart.  :sigh:

5.  Time spent with GG.

6.  Both girlies are having the BEST year so far at school.  Bitty's bus situation is still tricky, but she's working on just ignoring the girl which should help quite a bit, because this girl wants all the attention all the time.

7.  I had five 50% off a regular priced item (or cut of fabric) coupons and one 40% off coupon for JA today and made out like a bandit!

No milestones. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Post

For a very quick update because yesterday was hectic and tonight I have bible study. 

WE WON THE TICKETS!!! *SQUEEEEEEE*  Really, I'm quite easy to please. :o) 

Also, I'm afraid I was a bit ambiguous about Hannah's birthday.  It's this upcoming Sunday the 21st.  Sorry about that.  I assume you all can read my mind...

I'm supposed to be writing lesson plans for my RE sub Sunday.  I suppose I ought to get on that.  After I pick Lil up from the bus, of course. 

GG and I will go get fabric for Beanie's costume tomorrow.  Yay!

Co-op is going so well.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  So does Bean, and that's what's most important. 

The girls got their flu mist this morning.  And, Ellie got a surprise Proquad vaccine. Because Miss Beanie has such a terrible reaction to her shots, we delayed some when she was an infant and toddler.  Dr. Jen doesn't typically do the 4-5 year shots until they're five (so they're fresh for K), but we discussed in May that we should do Bean's in September and then the others in April/May so she wouldn't feel as awful.  Surprisingly, she took the news she was getting a shot very well and didn't cry a lick when she was jabbed.  I had her looking at a kitty book and she flinched/jumped a little, but that was it.  Whew.  I can't stand having my babies hurt.  :o( 

As for the rest, things continue to be busier than I could imagine.  It's funny how I told myself I'd have more time when the girls got older.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why Yes, I DO Like Classical Music

Friday afternoon as we were entering the garage from our walk home from the bus, Ellie pointed out we had a visitor.

Since I've not seen any of these visitors this year, he was a truly welcome sight.  He was especially timely has Lil had had trouble with that same little girl she's been struggling with on the bus.  The girl kept harping at her and harping and harping and Lil finally had had enough and shouted at her. 

Oh dear.

I'm sure the little girl deserved it--she's a pushy pill who really has no clue how to make friends--but Lil didn't help her case of "being nice but setting boundaries", either.  I'm so glad they're not in the same class this year, but we still have to deal with the bus.  This girl is going to be a thorn in Bitty's side until they're in high school.  Dear lord...

The minute Lil crossed the street and saw me, her face crumpled and she began sobbing.  Sobbing.  This, of course, brought out all the mamas' concern and I just felt miserable for my angry yet embarrassed and contrite child.  She apologized for popping off, but I'm sure it did no good.  That child is a menace.  :o(

So, while the beginning of the afternoon was dreadful, the frog sighting was a lovely sign of better things ahead. 

Those better things included a trip to CNU's Great Lawn to see The Virginia Symphony Orchestra play under the stars.  It was a free concert used as a form of public relations and teaser to highlight the shows they'll be performing this year.

I made a three pound batch of pepperoni monkey bread and brought it with us to share with GG and Nana and Pop.  Nana and Pop provided fruit, Reese's Oreos minis (holy cow!  Nutter Butters with chocolate!), and drinks.  We picnicked and enjoyed beautiful music.  The weather was beautiful, the setting was beautiful, and the company was perfect. :o) 

During intermission folks had a chance to enter a drawing for a pair of tickets to Opening Night.  Pop returned to our seats with a brochure for the upcoming year's shows and I sent B for one.  Unbeknownst to me, he also decided to enter the raffle--it was free.  That is to say, I didn't know until the conductor reached in his jar, pulled out a piece of paper and read "Brien D____".  Wha...??? Really?!?!?? SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

Now then, with that said, there may have been other Brian/Brien/Bryan (choose your spelling) D_____s in the crowd, as I knew of two at our high school.  They said they would contact us, so I'm on tenterhooks waiting to see if we'll be going to Opening Night Friday evening--a real, honest-to-goodness dress-up date! :oD With beautiful music!  Oh I hope so!

Yesterday we attended Craig's Celebration of Life and I so many of my old Marshall Elementary family were there.  There's something so joyful in getting together and catching up, even though we were all so sad for Cathy and their children, and were going to miss Craig. 

Coming out we heard the Tech/ECU score and I became a little anxious.  We got home and finished the game and ARGH!!  Oh well.  You can't win them all, right? :oS

Last night C invited Lil to stay the night with them so I was home with only B and Beanie and decided it would be the perfect time to tackle pattern cutting.

I know the paper and the carpet are almost a perfect match, but can you see how big this sheet is??

As soon as Beanie heard I was cutting, she ran over to watch.  Now, you and I both know there's nothing exciting about watching someone cut out pieces of paper, but girlie is so excited about this costume she just had to see  the progress. 

I found snowflake organza on Etsy and we are all awaiting it's arrival from China. ;oP  Bean is most excited of all.  GG and I will make a JA run Wednesday while Bean is in school to find the rest of the necessary fabric.  I suppose then we'll get down to the hard work.  Ulp!


Because she's a cutie and I adore her.

Because she's a cutie and I adore her. :o) (You can follow me on Instagram, if you're interested: mom2lid, which is where I post many of these square shaped images. :o)

Georgie now seems to be 98%, not quite 100% as his nose is still runny and he's still sneezing.  But, he's finished with his Clavamox (much to all our relief!) and he's been seeking us out for pettings and food and is sleeping with us at night once more.  Hooray!

"Um, hoomin? I needz teh pettings too!"


Freddie is tired of George receiving all the attention. :oP

My child's outfit yesterday.

I utterly love her style! :oD

Will the REAL price please step forward?

I'm fairly certain I need these!!

8.  Beautiful autumn temps=windows open and fresh air blowing in! :o)

No milestones.

Sparkly Hannah Day approaches.  She'd have been 13 on Sunday.  :sigh:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!?

So, yesterday was Bean's first day of preschool sans mama.  Besides feeling lost, what did I do with my time?

I began by racing home to put out the recycling and then racing to the vet's office to pick up some Clavamox for poor Georgie.  Bless his heart he has a nasty kitty cold and now has to suffer through me stuffing syringe down his gob twice a day with foul and vile tasting medicine.  Poor thing can't catch a break.

Then it was home to this scene.  UGH.

I have three binders for the family and they needed cleaning out and organizing and the bills needed paying.  The binders are bills that have been paid (I keep them filed in there.  At the end of the year I staple each packet together and file them in the filing box, pulling the bills from two years prior to shred. This way I'm not constantly having to file bills and shove them into a folder.  Instead I three-hole-punch and file them there.  They're a neat little stack that is then neatly put away.  It's a lovely system for us.), our family binder and then the school/medical binder.  Things just work better for me with binders than with filing cabinets, what can I say? 

I think I might have wasted my morning...

Yes, it was delightful to have that uninterrupted bit of time to accomplish such tedious yet necessary tasks, but I had hoped to do something for me. I was SO much better about "me time" when I was working.  Was it because I felt like a was more entitled to it somehow?  Hm.  Worth thinking about...

Ellie, meanwhile had a marvelous time and every time she told somebody about her school day I gleaned a few more details.  Suffice it to say she is in love with school. :o) 

Tomorrow I'll do another helper shift.  I switched with another mom who needed to do something or other and couldn't do her shift.  Great!  I get both my days out of the way this first week so I can have more time for this:
OMWord.  WHAT was I thinking?!?!?!??

GG and I had a date for picking up fabric from JA today.  She needs to make a baby quilt, and I was hoping to do a sort of quilt-along with her so I could figure things out.  I'm sure I could manage on my own, but when you have an expert quilter the caliber of GG available, you take full advantage.

We meandered all through the fabrics, many times over (oh the joy that is fabric!) searching for what she was looking for.  Bean, bless her, was an angel as we were there for over an hour.  Do you have any idea how boring it is to be in a fabric store and not be allowed to touch anything?

As GG got in the cutting line, I noticed the lady in line behind her had a McCall's Halloween catalog.  There was Elsa, right on the front.  I commented along the lines of, "Oh look, there's Elsa," and the lady replied, "They said the pattern was out of stock, but there are a few right over there."

What is it about me and scarcity?  I might not be able to get one later? I better get it NOW!  So, without even thinking about the fact I've not sewn anything in years, and that all I had wanted to do was make a quilt--you know, something with STRAIGHT lines!--I purchased this pattern.

Oh merciful heavens!

JA is offering a three hour/$40 class for making costumes.  But.  Why? GG is not only an accomplished quilter, she also happens to be one heck of a seamstress and she sent me home with directions to cut out pattern B's pieces.  

This is our project.  We shall have a Beanie-sized Elsa costume for Halloween.  We're both (I think, at least I am) eagerly looking forward to making it. :o) 

I might be only a leeeeetle bit nervous...


Beanie made me a rainbow.  :o)

How delightful is this fabric?  It's so sunny and beautiful and rather autumnal.  Ah.  Autumn.  It'll be here soon, right?

3.  A fun crafty projects in the works! A fun crafty project with GG!

4.  I believe today is supposed to be the last icky day for the next ten days or so. Hooray!

5.  Tacos for dinner.  I love an easy dinner night. :o)

6.  Fabric.  It's beautiful. I want it all.

No Milestones.

Today marks the 13th anniversary of 9/11.  It seems so strange it's been thirteen years because I can still remember so much of that day so clearly.  The shock of a plane hitting the WTC tower.  The disbelief as the second plane struck, the knowledge in that moment that the first wasn't an accident.  The terror that followed.  The fear for friends and family in flight paths.  The uncertainty of what tomorrow would bring, what even more tomorrows further along would be and how--how?--would we, could we go on? 

And yet, we did.  We are a resilient people.  We banded together.  We were proud of our nation and it showed.  We stood together and sang--"God Bless America", "My Country 'Tis of Thee", "America the Beautiful" and of course, "The Star Spangled Banner".  It was a time of uniting and coming together.  Race, religion and politics didn't matter, we were ALL Americans.  THAT is what was most important. 

In the years since, I'm afraid we've begun to lose sight of that.  There's so much divisiveness and ugliness and fear and anger and outright hatred right now.  It breaks my heart that we've gone from such closeness and unity to such division in such a short space of time.

I want us all to remember not only the victims and the events that happened that day, but also how we banded together as a nation, how united we were, how united we stood.   

“Tribute in Light” — Photo by Denise Gould, USAF

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

For Kory

For those who are wondering why in the world this post is "For Kory", let me explain.  My friend Korinthia asked about Bean's neat coiffure yesterday. 

Kory, it's NEVER neat and tidy unless it's freshly done.  I've collected evidence throughout the day to support this fact. 

As a quick aside from all the photos supporting the fact I'm a terrible mother about keeping my children neat and tidy and allow them to go about looking like little ragamuffins...

We had to stop into the 'Jay today to pick up B's prescriptions.  They have this delightful new system whereby they'll text you when it's time to renew (you reply "1" to renew) and then they'll notify you when it's ready to pick up.  It's quite lovely, and I had received notification one 'scrip was ready and I figured the other couldn't be too far behind, so away we went.

If you have young children in your house who are utterly mad for Disney Princesses, Frozen, Sophia or Doc McStuffins, you really ought to hit the One Spot.  My plan is to drop Bean at preschool tomorrow and race over to the 'Jay to pick up some stocking stuffers--there are hair doodles and puzzles and fun little toys and all sorts of delightfully junky trinkety things. 

I'm generally not one to spring for a toy when we go out.  Typically, toys are reserved for birthdays and holidays and for adding to "Wish Lists".  I don't consider art supplies to be "toys", I consider them necessities.  Those and books.  I'm a sucker for a good children's book.  But, I digress...

We found these colorable puzzles in the One Spot, and Beanie loves her some puzzle action.  She loves the princesses (this is such a post for another time, this "Princess"-thing of Bean's), and she loves puzzles, and she loves to color and I justified it as art and brain work.  And, come on, it was a dollar...

So, we brought home a puzzle for her to work on. 

And, we brought home a number of other items as well because my quick trip into the 'Jay for a stop-in-at-the-pharmacy-and-leave turned into a stop-in-at-the-pharmacy-and-wait-for-the-other-'scrip.  We moseyed on back to the school supplies (I was checking for clearance items to stock away for later) and I came home with manilla drawing paper and markers (we were out as ours were completely dried up and tossed) and a 64 box of crayons (because I'm a big fat sucker for a brand new box of crayons--those points! the smell! all those colors!) and construction paper and some M&Ms that totally jumped in my cart when I wasn't looking, sneaky things. 

Because, that's how things always seem to work out at the 'Jay. 

 But, back to that hair...

So, yeah.  Kory, your kids may look they've just gotten off an amusement park ride, but Bean, well...

 ...she looks like she fought with a wind turbine and lost.  :oP


1.  I mentioned our trip to the 'Jay.  Check out this One Spot goody:

I was SOOOOO tempted to bring it home. :oP

Hello, Georgie! :o) It really is so lovely to have him home.  We all missed him dreadfully.

3.  Did you know if you stay on top of your weekly chores and do them weekly (as I should) that they're so much easier to keep up with and you spend less time doing them?  It sounds stupid, and yet, it's true.

4.  Easy dinner of pasta bake tonight with a lovely salad.  As wet and grey as it's been, some comfort food is a necessity. 

5.  Completely not a sparkly, but I'm hoping some of you can help me out.  I happened to catch a couple of episodes of "The Cosby Show" on TV Land the other evening and it made me realize that I can't think of a single child-friendly TV show families can watch together these days.  Sure, I'm not up on pop culture and whatnot, but it seems outside of reality TV, there are no family shows any longer.  No "TGIF" Friday nights on ABC, no "The Cosby Show" or "Home Improvement" or "Little House" or the like.  I think I'm a little saddened by this. 

No milestones.

Monday, September 08, 2014

First Day (for Beanie) 2014

This has been a long time coming.  I knew she needed to attend preschool--not for academics, as I could take care of those here at home--but for the socialization, for learning the way a classroom environment works, for learning she is--in fact--a separate human being from me.

With Han and Bit, it was easy to send them off, as I'd sent them to daycare from practically the moment they were born.  Miss Bean has been my constant companion for FOUR YEARS.  Four. Years. 

Yes, leaving infants is harder than anything I have ever experienced (with one exception, of course), but leaving someone who is your shadow, who is your little buddy, presents its own set of difficulties. 
Ellie is attending a parent co-operative preschool (henceforth and forever more to be referred to as "co-op"), meaning parents help out--a lot.  There are two parent volunteers in our classroom every day.  One is in charge of snacks and clean-up, as well as simply being an extra set of roaming hands and ears. 

Back in April I had the panicky realization I'd not signed my soon-to-be kindergartner for a year of preschool prior to starting grade school.  Crap! 

I found co-op had a couple of open spots in the three day fours class and I snapped it up.  Hallelujah.  I loved the way the school felt when I entered. It was child-centered and frequently child-led.  It utilized play-based learning; so instead of sitting down with a worksheet to practice writing, they were doing art and writing their names with paintbrushes and paint. 

Co-op just felt good, it felt like the place Beanie belonged. 

Today I was the parent "volunteer" (:snort:, it really is mandatory voluntary) in charge of snack, meaning I was there from the time the first children arrived until they left.  I brought apple slices and cheese sticks.  I cleaned up the room.  I wandered the room, assisting the children when needed, observing and enjoying being with a crew of four year-olds. 

Best of all? I didn't have to leave Bean today. 

I'm weak.  What can I say?

I sincerely have no clue what I'm going to do with myself without her around.  I'm going to feel so lost for awhile, so aimless. 

Yes, C and I will be able to meet for our morning walks in CW sans kiddos (A is also attending preschool this year), which will be lovely, but...:sigh:

These past four years have truly flown by. 

I know cliches can be so annoying, but they're quite often true as well, especially in this instance: The days are long but the years are short. 

I watched her interacting with her friends (for they're ALL her friends now, every single one of them), and I realized just how grown she has become.  :sigh:

I also watched her be a bit hesitant and awkward trying to figure out how to put herself in positions to play with a group of children who have all been together for at least a year if not two.  I wanted to race in and help, but I knew I needed to hang back and let her figure out how to navigate on her own. 

There's something so interesting in observing how your child interacts in a classroom setting versus home. 

Wednesday will be our first day separated for "real".  We'll see how long mama cries...:oS


1.  Georgie came home today.  George became quite ill very suddenly last Wednesday afternoon (y'all, he wouldn't eat or run away from the vacuum!) and I raced him to the vet Thursday morning.  I dropped him so they didn't have to try to squeeze him in.  Around 2:00 that afternoon, Dr. B called and started the conversation with, "Hey, so I..." Yes, that's right, my vet doesn't even need to identify herself to me anymore.  Our relationship stretches back many MANY years...10?  11?  15?  I can't remember.  At any rate, she had needed to perform surgery to remove crystals and mucus plug blockages in his urinary tract.  Oh boy.  He was catheterized and pretty sick for a couple of days and she kept him through today.  Boy boy is home today and we're all relieved to have him home. 

I called daily to check on him and everyone humored me.  They would go to the back to ask how George was doing, and I'm fairly certain Crystal was visiting with him while he was there.  She said that he was doing really well and purring up until this morning.  Dr. B told me he was "acting like a bastard" (have I mentioned how much I love my vet?) and Crystal confirmed he was grumpy because another grumpy cat had some in and apparently grumpy is contagious among kittehs. 

He's home, he's eating, he's using the litter box like a good boy, all is well. :o)

2.  Ellie had such a great day today she's ready to go back to tomorrow and is sad she won't get to until Wednesday.

3.  GG found four teeny tiny caterpillars crawling on a passion flower vine.  We brought her our butterfly pavilion and she has watched the caterpillars grow and turn into chrysalises.  Yesterday a butterfly emerged! :o)

4.  We dined with Nana and Pop for the first time in ages yesterday and it was lovely. 

5.  I was perusing my Instagram feed and a familiar face popped up--the face of someone I don't follow on IG (she has no account)--on the Appalachian Trail's feed!  At first I thought, "I didn't realize I was following her on IG, huh" and then I realized what was going on.  Of all the coincidences! :oP

6.  Lil's having the most wonderful year this year--hooray!

7.  My Hokies...oh sweet merciful heavens, my Hokies!!  I'm still more than a little gobsmacked about the results of Saturday night's game.  Wow.!  I think we have an offense!  What's that all about? :oP

No milestones.
If you are one who prayers, or wouldn't mind sending some positive thoughts and vibes, my dear friend, Cathy, lost her husband Craig this past weekend.  He'd been ill with cancer for at least eight years (kidney cancer that had metastasized) and his body was tired. 

Craig was a delightful human, a funny and witty man who adored children.  Hannah adored him right back.  He'll be missed by his wife, children and grandchildren as well as all the friends he leaves behind.