Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Wedding

Saturday afternoon, cousin Jeremy and his beautiful bride were married.  It was a whirlwind weekend for our family because although we started with just one flower girl, we wound up with two
At the rehearsal Friday evening, we mentioned the fear of Bean not walking and our solution and it was agreed it was a grand idea.  So, Bean walked down the aisle with the toss bouquet, holding the ring bearer Caleb's hand, and Lil brought up the rear with the basket of leaves.

Rehearsal went later than anticipated because folks were still flying in from Texas and arriving (one fellow came in from Japan!), so the little kids became running dervishes throughout the grounds, having a ball.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Hanover Tavern, but Bean didn't  have an opportunity to enjoy much of it.

She had had a long day and hadn't napped, so by the time she was forced to sit still at 8:00, she was toast.  She told B she was cold, he snuggled around her, and that was that. 

They brought out rolls, and I was worried she might be hungry later so I suggested B awaken her to see if she wanted some bread.

She did, but this was the result.  :oP

Poor baby!  She was so blitzed. She kept dropping the roll and B would pick it up and put it on her plate.  She would nod awake long enough to pick it back up and did manage to finish it.

We laid her down and she never even stirred.

She was sound asleep.

That would be drool.  :oP

We sat her up and she still slept.  Moved her to the car and took off shoes and socks--still slept.  Came home and moved her to bed?  Slept the entire time.  She's never slept that hard!

The rest of us enjoyed a delicious dinner (Lil ate off the "adult" menu and had the salmon) and then they passed out the bridal party gifts.  Lil was pretty chuffed with hers. :o)

She is in love with her goodies.

As soon as she was settled in the van, she put on her sleep mask.  :oP  She's also used it the past two nights.  I want one!

Yesterday we raced up in time for me to get the girls dressed and do their hair and before we knew it, it was time to head outside. 

I peeked in and snapped a quick pic.  I couldn't help myself.  That guy is a bridesman.  He's Alana's really good friend and she wanted him to be on her side.  No worries, Jeremy had his sister, Karen, as a groomswoman.  :o)  It was wonderful! 

I'm sure you can't tell, but the girl second from left is pregnant and due around Thanksgiving!!  She was SO tiny!

Alana did all the decorations herself (with some helper elves, of course!) and they were gorgeous. :o)

The girls were asked to help pass out programs and they were more than up to the task.

(Can you stand how gorgeous the grounds are??)

Ah, this is Caleb, the ring bearer.  He's six.  More on him in a bit.

I begin to think I really messed up getting married in June.  I was so anxious to get married and start the next phase of my life, I just couldn't wait for autumn. Now I wish I could have waited, because this was the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended.

Look at this!  Earth tones are my favorite.  I love maroon and orange (it was such a delightfully "Hokie" wedding! Jeremy got his undergrad from Tech, and he and Alana both got degrees from Texas A&M so the maroon was doubly appropriate).  I love the golden sunlight of autumn.  I love the glorious temps and weather. 

I really don't believe the day could have been any more perfect.  :o) 

Oh, that podium?  Uncle Glen made that Friday morning to have it ready for the rehearsal that evening.  Turns out there were no podiums on-site! :oS Isn't it beautiful?

Can you see how gorgeous the weather was?  B and I were talking Friday morning about how our two favorite times of year to take outdoor photos are October and April because the light is coming in at an angle and is all golden and beautiful.

This was truly the most joyful and joyous wedding I've ever attended.  The music was delightful (the bridal party walked into this) and still makes a little teary to think about.  Karen escorted in Uncle Glen and they might or might not have skipped a bit along the way.  :o) All the bridal party entered smiling and laughing and Alana...Alana was stunning--so happy and radiant.  Truly.

Aw man, I'm tearing up even now just remembering.

The officiant was a friend from Texas and she opened with this!  Oh man!  It was perfect! :o)

Lil was so good.  She was very serious and somber and quite into everything that was happening.

Bean, weeeeellllll...

She pulled up her dress (just the top layer of tulle, thank goodness!). 

Her ribbon came untied so she twiddled and fiddled with that.

Boy the flowers she was carrying were lovely.

At one point, Lil tried to tie the ribbon (B and I had both hoped she would) and Bean about started a brawl! I gave Lil a warning evil death glare and she dropped the ribbons and a crisis was averted. :oP

Karen read a excerpt from "Les Mis" and started tearing up which made me tear up.  Actually, there were LOTS of tears yesterday.  Tears of joy, yes, but tears nonetheless.

Mr. and Mrs. D.  :oD  They stopped by Uncle Glen and Aunt Terri and gave hugs.  More tears. 

Meanwhile, Alana's stepmama swooped in to tie up the ribbons--thank goodness!

They walked out to this and I kept expecting someone with a trombone or flute to pop up (here you go for reference).  As soon as Alana and Jeremy reached this point, the girls and Caleb were supposed to head out.

Well, Caleb headed out and Lil grabbed Bean (because Lily is a ruler follower!) and Bean raced to catch up.

 Whew!  She made it!

The reception was lovely with more of Alana's decorating.  How gorgeous is this mantle and the wreath?  Her work. :o) 

There was a really fun party afterwards (including cornhole!) and lots and lots and lots of dancing.  Caleb came over to Lil and said, "Come on!" and that was that.  He about danced her feet off! 

Bean danced with Lydie, Miles searched in vain for someone other than Lydie to dance with, and when she wasn't dancing with Caleb (he was quite the gentleman, lots of dips and spins and twirls.  I'd be surprised if the photographers got anyone other than those two dancing. ;oP) Lil danced with Joss. 

Weddings are loads more fun with cousins around! :o)

Kelsey headed off to college in August and was in town for the wedding.  It was so good to see her!  :o) 

I can say, with all honesty, it was the BEST wedding I've ever attended--including my own!  :o)  I can also say, with all honesty, that I'm so happy to be comfortably ensconced in my marriage.  I was sitting there looking at this newly married couple and truly grateful we're not just starting out, trying to figure it all out.

I also realized I didn't have thing in common with the young folks there.  When did I get to be "old"?!?  B and I discussed it on the way home Friday night--we have more in common with our parents' generation than with the millennials who were there.  Man.  While I couldn't wait to get home and to bed (dude, we didn't leave the rehearsal until 10:00, which is my bedtime! ;oP) they were deciding whether or not to go out.  Wha...?  Bed.  Bed is a blessed thing. 

Is it having children that does it?  Is it I just can't relate to these younger folks, even though, really, we have at most 8 years on Jeremy?  There really is a divide between us Gen Xers and the Millennials.  Who knew that could make such a difference?

But, I digress...The wedding was delightful and I'm so happy we could be there to share in the joy and happiness that surrounded them. :o)


1. See above! :o)

2.  It's FINALLY autumn!!!!!!!  The windows are tossed wide open, the cool breeze is nipping at my nose, and I'm in long sleeves and jeans.  Hooray!

3.  A low-key Sunday after two very busy days.

4.  A gorgeous walk through CW with B Friday morning. :o)

5.  My sweet girlies who were so wonderful all day yesterday.

It's odd to have a family event and for Han not to be there.  Even after all this time. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Have any of you figured out how to add more hours to your day, or how to function with no sleep?  Holy smokes I've been so busy it's insane!! 

Sure, sure, much of it was self-inflicted what with deciding it was time I learned to sew and all, but still...whew!  I swear, I don't remember grown-ups saying time flew by quite as quickly as it does. 

And, the thing is, my day seems to be fragmented, there are really no long chunks of time for me to get my groove going on any one thing.  Spoot.  Well, that is, if you don't count the two hours between the girls' bedtime and mine.  :oS  I can blog then, or I can get things accomplished that need finishing.  Last night I opted for finishing Lil's Halloween cape. 

I was pretty chuffed to get the pieces cut out last week.  And, there they stayed (actually, shifting between the bed and the ironing board). 

Yesterday I determined I am going to use the antique machine, so I got out my seam ruler and measured out 5/8" for my seam allowance and put down a piece of masking tape.  It worked!

See?  I finished the mittens just in time to start dinner.  I didn't make them as the package said to--they said to line them.  Nope.  She really just needed the two pieces since all she wanted them for was to keep the cape open if necessary.

I also didn't make the hood.  I laid out the pieces and pinned together on the bridge.  It's right behind my sewing machine and is a large space.  I'm afraid I didn't mark the circles and notches as I should have, so I was eyeballing everything.  Maybe I'm not cut out for something as precise as sewing...:oS 

I tucked and pinned the mittens so I couldn't accidentally sew them closed, put in a piece of ribbon and crossed my fingers. 

It came together beautifully!  That satin is a bear to work with, but I did it!  :o) The pattern directions specified finishing the cape off by ironing and stitching the side hole closed (you have to flip it inside out to inside right (outside right? inside wrong?).  I wasn't thrilled with how it looked with only the ironing, and really, I was too lazy to hand stitch it closed (it was closing in on my bedtime...) so I decided to just top stitch the thing. 
I have to say, I'm pretty chuffed with myself! 

Lil's pretty chuffed as well. :o)  I think she would have worn it to school today had I let her. :oP 
I also had to make adjustments to the flower girl dress for Saturday.  You know, the day of the wedding.  For which Bean is the flower girl.  Eek! 

Grandma, Nana and I all determined the quickest and easiest way to take care of business would be to tack down the ribbon/belt and pull it tight around Bean's waist.  GG and I found this lovely flower ribbon and I figured out the best way to attach it--that would be by hand, coming up one side of the center and stitching down the other.  I pinned the ribbon where I wanted it and did the same with the flowers.

I don't think it looks too gathered or bunched up.

 It needs to be ironed, but otherwise I think it looks pretty good.

It looks like it was supposed to have those flowers, right? 


Now that I'm finished with the sewing projects, it's time to hit the offudio and work with paper once again.  :o)


Loving my spiky pumpkin!

GG hemmed it.  All it needs now is the velcro for the back closure. 

I love this wire and hooks!  IKEA is the bomb!

Does she look just a little too grown up here to you too?

I was ready to skip our walk this morning, but she insisted.  :oP  She was right.  We needed to go, and it was perfect. 

5.  One of the carriage drivers in CW now recognizes us enough to wave to us from quite a distance off.  I love that!

Speaking of CW.  Squee!!! 

I don't know what they are, but they're Hokie colored so I love them! :oP

We went out for a walk with Crystal and Emily Tuesday. 

Such sweet girls!

I started a CW/W'burg public Instagram account to post all my photos. 

My username for that IG account is rndwbrg. 

I find so many things that catch my eye I can't help but snap photos.  Especially now that the sun is coming in low on the horizon and the light is all golden.  :o) 

No milestones.