Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CW, Anyone?

In a desperate attempt at getting some much needed exercise, the girls and I took a slow, meandering stroll through CW. 

We explored every garden we could.  We "peeled our eyes" (a family story there about that phrase, for another time) for new, different, beautiful and/or exciting things, sights we'd not seen before. 

Or, because I really can't resist a beautiful flower, picket fence or well, I could just, you know, take photos of everything.  To that end, here's our meander, with very little in the way of commentary.

Lil asked if we could stop in at the market place garden.  We found pole beans and peppers.  I was pleased my girlies could recognize them. :o)

Some of the funkiest looking heirloom tomatoes I've ever seen.  They look like a bunch of grape tomatoes all smooshed together.  The nice lady working there gave us one to try.  It was rather disappointing, really. :o(

The nice lady also asked the girlies if they'd like to help water the plants.  They sure did!

While Beanie needed some help with the heavy copper watering can, Lil was gung ho and had it all under control.

I bet this watermelon actually has some flavor.  I find the "seedless" ones they sell are not nearly as sweet and flavorful as those with seeds. 



Given the vine, I wondered if this was a variety of morning glory.

The wells...they call to me...

I let the girls explore every inch of CW they wanted to.  We don't have our Good Neighbors' Passes this year so we can only do the grounds right now.

This is the community garden kept by the Master Gardeners of Williamsburg. It's rather stunning.

Although these are cropped images, they are unedited.  It was a gorgeous day!

Okay, this one is edited.  They're edited from here on out.

I'd not seen these ladies working outside before.  I was thrilled to see them. :o)

I called it "The White Stag".  Ellie told me it was "The White Reindeer".  Stag & Pear?  Who knows.


1.  Sometimes you just need a snuggle with your sister.

2.  As you know, we're HUGE Simon's Cat fans around these parts.  
We watched Simon's "How to Draw _____" videos and Lil drew along. I like the cat's tail pointing towards his mouth. :oP

Strawberry shortcake?

I realize not everyone has seen fresh scratch farm eggs so I thought I'd share. 
They're not always white.  Or brown.  Aren't the blue ones lovely?

5.  I think we may have had our last pool day today.  I think I'm a bit sad.  :o(  It's been such a delightful summer.  Lil starts school next Tuesday and Bean the following Monday.  More on that to come.

6.  Christian Formation also begins soon.  I have a catechists' meeting tonight.  I rather like getting back into the rhythm and groove of the school year.

No milestones.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Playing Catch-Up Some More

I've been a rather lazy--if not busy--blogger of late. 

No excuses, really, I've just been trying to enjoy what is left of my summer with my girlies.  Lil spent the first full week of August at Lissie Camp with Ella and Gabriel.  While Liss wouldn't object to a change of scenery and activities with the kiddos, they're determined to always do the same things, such as going to Beadsburg (which was, sadly, closed this year) and to paint pottery.

How much do I love that she still pokes that tongue out?

She tries to take them to the pool daily (not an unheard of event around these parts either).

Some of Lil's new found skills at play. 

I don't know how things are around your neck of the woods, but things seem to have changed around the pool since I was a teen.  We practically lived at the pool.  We would beg to go to the pool.  If there was water, we wanted to be a part of it. 

I don't see that many folks at the pool any more--at least, not like when I was a kid.  I wonder why...

Lissie Camp wouldn't be complete without Junk Food Heaven Day. ;o)  You look like the most derelict adult alive when you checkout, but it's worth it.

After a sound (I wonder how in the word she manages to sleep surrounded by so many hard and pointy things) sleep, we headed north to pick up Miss Bit from Jessie's house.

We stayed until after dinner that evening, and while we were there, the bigger girls had a fun time turning Ellie into a flower pixie. :oP

As for other odds and ends, I've been trying to find time to get in the offudio and make some cards.

And, trying to enjoy my gardens, in spite of the heat and humidity that are the hallmark of August.

It should be noted the tomatoes collapsed into a vine-y heap-y mess the day after this photo was snapped.  But, they're still producing deliciousness, so I can't complain.

Nothing profound or exciting here, just snippets of our life so far this August.


1.  I can't remember if I shared already...
Liss found this photo of Miss Bit on her computer and sent it to me.  What a sweetie pie!

This is the most demanding kitteh around! 

3.  We had friends over for company and dinner last night and we had a BLAST!

4.  We're planning on going camping next weekend with that same company--how fun is that?

5.  Sitting in a relatively clean/clutter-free living room at the moment.  I'm going to enjoy it because it's surely not going to last.  (Please note I said nothing of the kitchen...;oP)

No Milestones.