Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thoughts On Employment

It's been a busy summer.  It's been a crazy summer.  It's been a lazy summer.  It's been a wonderful summer.  It's been a stressful summer.

It's been all of the above. 

Keeping four extra children is a challenge.  I enjoy the children.  I enjoy my girls playing with them.  I enjoy going to the pool almost daily--truly, that's what summer's all about.  But, four extra kids is lots of extra work.  There's no rhythm or routine to my day right now--and y'all know that kills me.  There's no way to stay on top of my chores or to keep my house in any semblance of clean and straightened up and it's really starting to drive me bonkers.

I actually texted Jori the other day and said, "I can't wait for the kids to all go back to school so I can deep clean my house!" And, I meant it!!  My house is a disaster area and it's slowly driving me out of my mind.  Next summer I'll have it written in my calendar that I won't keep any kiddos the week before school starts.  Unfortunately I didn't do that this year, meaning I'm dreading the coming week.

And, on top of all that, I've gone and applied for a full-time job!! 

I love being a SAHM.  I love it so very much.  I'm grateful for the feminist movement that made it possible for me to choose to work OR to stay home and for either choice to be okay.  I'm grateful I've had the chance to be home these past five years. 

I was really looking forward to my fall--morning walks in CW with the pups, chats with C during our walks, a chance to get my house really and truly CLEAN, a chance to sit back and just be.  Mom had suggested we take a trip into NYC.  I've never been and have always wanted to go.  The plan was to take in a Broadway musical among other fun and exciting adventures.  Wednesdays with GG, time to run errands and meal plan and take care of my family.  All things I relish. 

And then, this position at the girls' school opened up.  I've said for quite awhile now I'm not quite ready to go back into the classroom as the teacher, but that I think being the assistant would be lovely.  I've also said, that when I get my master's, it'll be in library and media science.  And, well, this position that I've applied for is PERFECT.  It's an assistant in the library.  At the girls' school.  We'd have the same schedule and be on the same calendar and everything. 

Now that Beanie is starting K, it's not financial responsible of me to stay home any longer.  Yes, we can make it, as we have been, but, it's not necessarily the best choice for us right now.  I'm really saddened by the thought, but by the same token, the thought of not even interviewing for this job has me quite upset, which in turn made me realize how much I want this job!!!

I do eventually want to go back in the classroom--it's what I'm meant to do, it's my gift, truly--even though I never thought I'd say that again, and the best place to get started is by working in a school.  I need to recertify (my license lapsed in June 2010, those who have been following along for awhile will of course recognize that Ellie was born in April 2010, so I was obviously a bit busy then) and then find a position here.  This county is a difficult place to get a foot in the door.  As in the 'Burg, highly qualified students pour forth from a well respected college/university, making the competition steep. 

Yes, I've done some pretty amazing things (I was reworking my resume--okay, I LOST my resume and had to rewrite it and just as I finished, B found my old one GRRR--and holy smokes, I did good stuff!!) but that was five years ago (or longer!) now. 

I want this job.  I want it with every fiber of my being.  I'm praying I'm called in or contacted for an interview.  I'm praying I get it. 

If not, it won't be the end of the world.  I'll do subbing in the schools--another great way to get to know buildings and principals and such--and apply again next year when new positions open up. 

Brien will finish his master's work in December (HALLELUJAH!!) and then I can begin taking classes toward recertifying.  At least, that's my plan. 

I long to stay home and continue to take care of my family in that way, and I long to get back to work. What a conundrum. 

Two weeks ago, tooth number two popped out.  I pulled it.  She didn't want me to.  Well, at first at any rate. 

She cried and cried and explained she didn't want the Tooth Fairy to take it. 

Alrighty then.

So, I told her she could leave the TF a note and that really, if she didn't want to swallow this one as well, we really ought to pull it.  So, I did!

And, she left the TF a note, and she didn't take the tooth.


This was right before we went for haircuts. 

The girls got back to school cuts last week.  Ellie knew it meant taking off about 3"--Mindy and I had been preparing her since May--and off we went.

Her hair seems so short, somehow.  Which really, is quite ridiculous because look how long it is!

If we're not at our pool, we're at GG's. :oP  GG invited us over last week and the girls got right on in!  GG's pool was fun because there was aqua aerobics equipment around to play with. ;o)

Hannah's waterlily has been spectacular this year!  Here it is doing what she wanted waterlilies for.  :o) 

I seriously love our pond and it's critters!

 This guy was at the pool.  He's already had quite an exciting life!

And, because we have puppies, and because I've decided puppies are a LOT like babies in that you always squeal over them, but don't necessarily want them in your house, I'm going to post a puppy glut.  :oP

Sam and Rosie and a Finny thrown in for good measure. ;o) 

They're growing like weeds.  At yesterday's weigh in, Sam was 16 pounds and Rosie 15.  They're only nine weeks old.  I'm going to have BIG dogs...! O.o

And, with this and loads more thoughts floating around in my head, I'd best be off to make some baked beans.  N&P are supposed to be coming over for dinner--B's smoking ribs, we're having yellow squash casserole and beans and cantaloupe--and I ought to have the beans finished before they arrive. 


1.  The adoption paperwork is completed and the pups are ours!  We're keeping two because we couldn't stand to separate them.  They're pretty much always together.

2.  The homily and visiting priest today.  OMGoodness!!  It was just the message I needed to hear and experience! 

3.  Smoked ribs for dinner!

4.  Potential job...:fingers crossed:

5.  Carbonated beverages for soothing upset tummies.

No milestones.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Three Weeks Ago Now...

I uploaded these three weeks ago. 

We were off on an adventure to pick up a batch of foster pups.  You see, Mia, while the most wonderful dog in the world, had a rather bad flaw--kittehs were food not friends. 

By that I mean she grabbed George's haunches in her jaw and wouldn't let go no matter how much he hissed and clawed, no matter how much I sprayed her in the face with a water gun.  It was awful.  Georgie finally escaped and raced upstairs thoroughly traumatized.  :o(

Thankfully he sustained no injuries other than some missing tufts of fur.

But...Mia had to go.  :o(  We all cried (well, except B) and grieved and I talked at length with Jeneen about the situation.  I said she was perfect in every way except she ate cats.  :o(  She said we might be best off with a puppy, and oh, by the way, she had a mama about to have puppies any day...

Mama had 13 puppies and 11 survived.  Jeneen and I spoke some more and she convinced me that if I wanted a female, maybe I should foster a couple so I could pick the pup that would fit best in our house.  Puppies would be easy to train to not eat kitties, and hey, my house would be a perfect place to foster because I had cats, dogs, bunnies, tons of small children, and folks in and out all. the. time. 

So, three weeks ago Sunday, we headed up Rt. 5 once more, to meet up with the transport lady to pick up our puppies.

The appointed time drew nigh and we received a call from the foster/adoption coordinator letting me know transport was running two hours late.  WHAT???

Because we were familiar with the area, we knew we could take the girls to Dorie Park to play.  We've been to Dorie Park a few times before, meeting Jen and her family for Mother's Day celebrations and such.

We killed time by playing and walking around the pond.

And admiring the great blue heron who looked like a statue he stood motionless for so long.

The girls ran ahead and explored and were so precious even though they were SO excited. I mean, who doesn't love six week old puppies?!?

It was finally time to meet our lady, so we loaded up and headed down the road only to find the road closed due to an accident--the car was on it's roof!

And then, we made it!
This is mama.  Her name is Bella.  She's a Shar pei/lab mix and she's lovely.  I had seen photos of the pups but I had no idea what to expect.

We got this.

Oh.  My.  Goodness!!

The transport lady arrived with eight puppies.  We met up with the other foster family, and two adoptive families.  The one family chose their pup and drove off, leaving us to pull out and divvy up the rest of the babies.

They were beyond adorable!

Tyler--from Newport News--selected his pup, and we chose the one we thought we wanted to keep (she was the one sleeping on the bottom of the pile even though everyone else was awake and excited--how could we pass up on such a docile pup?), and picked two little guys and headed on down the road.

The puppies had worms and some fleas, so the minute we arrived home, B and I put them in the sink with blue Dawn dish soap.  Yep, that takes care of fleas.

They were understandably worn out.

We would each bathe a pup, then swaddle them together to share the warmth.

And then, the exhausted pile of pups went right to sleep.

This was just a few days later--can you see how much they grew?

We ran into a slight glitch on the puppy front.  You see, there was this sweet face.  I had fallen in love with this pup the minute I saw it in the photos Jeneen sent.  This is why, even though we wanted a female, this little guy came home with us. 

And, stayed. 

Yes, that's right, we now have two puppies in our house.  Two puppies who are going to be HUGE!!!

They were about 10 pounds when we brought them home--well, the two we wanted.  The other two were about eight pounds.  Two weeks later they were 12 pounds! Holy smokes!!

Tyler came to pick up his sweet girlie last Friday, and on Sunday, my neighbor Lindsay's hubby convinced her they needed the other little guy, so we're down to our two.

We now have FOUR dogs, two rabbits and two kitties.  Sheesh.  I'm that woman.  But, we're a good pet family.  We take care of our critters.  They're well fed, well exercised, (mostly) well trained. 

These pups are smart.  I mean really smart.  They already know "sit" and "down", and within two days of being here, they knew "go potty" meant to do their biz when we went outside.  Seriously.  If we take them out and tell them, "go potty" they go pretty much immediately!  I'm so chuffed!

The cats--George in particular--are understandably skittish.  But, they're coming out and downstairs, even with the pups are out of their pen.  Yes, I set up an ex-pen around their crate in the kitchen, and they spend a good bit of unsupervised time in the there.  When we can watch and take them outside, they can play in the living room with us.  Or, snuggle on the couch with us.  The boys come down for meals, no problem.  They use the litter box.  They're not prisoners upstairs as they were with Mia.  Holly is putting them in their place and they're playing with Finn, so I think everything is settling down. :o) And, since we got them so that poor broken Finny would have someone when Holly's gone, this is definitely a good thing!

There were a couple of aborted name attempts for the pair.  I thought she was a Rosie, but was denied.  So, they were Luna and Neville--to continue with our HP theme--but then, I realized big Bertha was NOT an ethereal "Luna".  So, we decided that little guy, is cute and simple and a Sam.


Perfect.  What goes with Sam?  Stella!

But...maybe not.

I was upstairs blowing my hair dry and I got a text from B, "Is she Rosie?"

YES!! I've been telling you this from the beginning!!

Sam and Rosie.

Sam and Rosie!


I know I've lost my mind.  I know.  But, as I've said, I've had babies every four years, and five years have passed and no baby.  I got a baby dog (or two!) instead.  :oP

Recent Sparklies:

Lil gave her a mustache!

Number 14 gone!

And so many more.  I need to write, I really do, but I'm so flipping busy!  I hope to be more so soon.  I just submitted my application for a library media assistant at the girls' school!  I'm torn about returning to work.  There's so much I'm going to miss, and not looking forward to spending my weekends cleaning the house and doing laundry.  There's a whole post here, trust me...

And, I'm officially assistant coaching Level G swimming for our local swim team.  I'm going to be USA Swimming certified and everything!  More on that to come too.

As for the job, if you're the praying sort, I'd love prayers.  If you're a positive thoughts kinda person, I'd love those too! 

Thanks, and I promise to try and update soon!

Thursday, August 06, 2015


 ...and the living is easy. 


This has been my view most days since swim team ended.  You all know I loathe the heat and humidity of summer, but really, with this, I might just miss it when it's gone. 

I mean, how else will I be entertained by this ensemble?

And, how else will I keep loads of little girls entertained outside the house? 

Erin and Lauren slept over Friday night.  We had them at the pool for the afternoon, had dinner and dessert and all were in bed by 9:30.  And yet, they were ALL up by 6:45.  What in the world??

So, when we were driving the girlies home Saturday afternoon/evening, this happened.  :oP

Erin and Lauren are such sweet, kind girls, it was a joy having them over.  They're almost like cousins.  The girls don't get together that often, but when they do, they have a blast--just like cousins do. :o)

This week has been a bit more low-key in some respects.  We've done the library--the summer reading program is officially over, *sniff* *sniff*--and spent mornings around the house, but when the afternoon rolls around, this is where you'll find us.  ;o)

We've spent eight hours at the pool over the course of the past two days.  My girls are wrecked. 

Seriously.  They have both slept past nine for the past two mornings, which is especially unheard of for Miss Bean.  She's the one who is up at 7:00, no matter what time she went to bed. 

Last night was particularly rough because there were thunder storms.  Bean is like Hannah, they scare the living daylights out of her.  I heard the first rumble around 3:30 and waited.  Sure enough, there she came.  And, hot on her heels, Lil.  We were all piled together until 4:30 and then I was in Beanie's room with her until 4:45.  So, I wasn't surprised when the girls didn't emerge from their rooms until 9:45 this morning.  In fact, Lil appeared first and I had her open El's door so she could awaken.  I figured it was time.  :oP

We're meeting my friend Lindsay at her classroom to help her get it set up, and then meeting Camryn and Maya and Tammy at the pool this afternoon.  Lil is beside herself with excitement! Heck, so am I!  I've not seen Tam in close to a year!

B's taking tomorrow off, so I hope to have a day away with the family.  The girls are desperate to go to the beach but it looks like it's going to be raining all weekend along the NC/VA coast, so we'll be finding something else to get into. 

We have a batch of foster pups arriving soon--probably this weekend--and I need to give an update about Miss Mia. 

It's been a busy, yet lazy summer, and I'm not quite ready for it to end just yet...