Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not Much Going On

I took advantage of the lovely weather yesterday and got in a 3.5 mile walk/jog.  It was close to 60 and beautiful.

This field of daffodils is going to be STUNNING in a couple more days.  I can't wait!

 And, these guys are actually showing their sunny faces.  It was so gorgeous yesterday Lil, Sadie and Alicia all played together for almost five hours--the majority of it spent outside playing in each backyard. :o)

I'm chuckling, though, because Mother Nature is once again being funny and we're to get somewhere from 1"-3" of snow this evening.  Go figure. ;o)  I'm not holding my breath on that amount of snow, but I'll be thrilled if it comes to fruition.

Of course, it would come when we have a holiday, so no snow day for Miss Bit.  Oh well. Snow is snow is snow, after all. :o)

 While Lil played with her friends, B, Beanie and I ran a couple errands.  When we got to Martin's, there was the Wienermobile!

Crazy!  I have NO idea why it was there, but it was.  Ellie enjoyed it, I scored a wienie whistle for Lil and a sticker for Bean.  :o)

Tomorrow is a day off for the family--always a fun time.  We were hoping to go to the VLM tomorrow, but I do believe we may be staying home to play in the snow instead. :fingers crossed:

Weekend Sparklies:

1.  Dinner last night with Mom and Dad.  We've not done a meal with them in a while and I've missed it.
2.  Lunch with them again today. :o)  It's so good to eat with them and catch up.
3.  B and I only recently discovered "Big Bang Theory" (yes, yes, we'd heard all sorts of fabulous stuff and should have and just never did--DOH!) and have spent the past two days watching season one.  Ah, good stuff.  :o)
4.  Making a couple more wreaths to give away.
5.  A snuggly day inside with my family.  Sometimes we need those. 

No milestones.


Anonymous said...

oh I do LOVE daffodils!


Bailey's Leaf said...

Down time is good time. Ah, and the Weinermobile!

Wreaths to give away? Why, my oh my apple pie, you are so very kind to make some to give away to people you love!

Have a lovely day in. Soup? Do I hear the makings of soup?

Kelli said...! I LOVE Big glad you've discovered it! We watched the first season in one weekend and want to keep going. I love the pop of yellow of those daffodils :) How fun is that Weinermobile. Enjoy your snow and the day off. We have a playdate plan and we're having potato soup for dinner...yum!

Playground Monitor said...

OMG! Look how big Lil and Ellie are! I haven't been to your blog in a while. I took a part-time job last summer. Seems my divorce attorney needed someone to do admin work, I interviewed and she hired me. Does God have a sense of humor or what??? Then over my Christmas vacation I went to Asheville, NC to have some "me" time and also to visit my son who lives there. Had a great vacation including a day with him at the Biltmore House. On my way home I was in a bad accident. A car pulled in front of me and I t-boned it doing about 60. All things considered, I came away with few injuries -- whiplash, seatbelt bruises and a fractured foot it took them a month to diagnose. Still in the cast. My car was totaled so I had to get a new one. My work has been great about me being out and being unable to do part of my job duties (kinda hard to climb on a stepstool to file with a cast and crutches).

Anyhoo, I will try to keep up more. My own granddaughter is 5 and in kindergarten. Time flies, doesn't it?

Hugs to you all.