Sunday, December 02, 2012

CW Decor

The holiday decorations have been going up all over CW and I took some time last Thursday to snap some while on the run.  The images aren't the best out there, but the wreaths and such were so lovely I just had to get a few (or, you know, 90!) photos. 

But, I was on my walk, so I was in a bit of a rush, so the photos aren't all wonderful, and in fact, many of them are a wee smidge blurry.  I'm hoping to get out one morning with my Nikon and get some photos.  We'll see what happens.

So, without further ado, pre-Christmas in CW:
Each house has unique decorations, whether they're put up by the CW Foundation or by the private homeowners.

Lots of greenery and fruits and dried flowers are used.

I really liked the use of burlap here.

This is in front of the fabric maker's shop, and the wreath is a collection of fabrics dyed many different colors.

I saw lots of pomegranates and citrus and apples.

Apples galore.

Pomegranates and lemons.

Cinnamon sticks and more.  There are many swags throughout, not just wreaths.


They even decorated above the blacksmith's shop.

This is a woodworking shop and they incorporated wood curls and shavings in their window decoration.

How about the oyster shells here? I also love the treatment on the oranges.  I wonder how to go about doing that...

Not all wreaths are round.

I really liked the red, white and blue on these.

In front of the peruke maker's.  They used twine to look like hair in the wreath.

There were just as many full wreaths as small ones, but all had fascinating details.

Check out the seashells in this one.

This one has tin whistles, drum sticks and acordianed sheet music.

Do you see the spoons up there?

Check out the pipes with the cotton "smoke" coming out of them.  I also liked the tin cups and seashells.

Nothing but red and green here.  It was stunning and I couldn't get a photo to do it justice. :sigh:

A double wreath.  What a nifty idea!

I've seen this in so many places, and yet I still love it.

This photo makes me sad.  I loved the lighting, the composition, the color, and then it came out fuzzy.  :o(

 Wouldn't that be a lovely bench to sit on of a mornin'?

I sincerely hope I have an opportunity to take better photos before the decorations are all taken down.  Here's hoping.

*****FISBEE WATCH 2012*****

We read Fancy Nancy, Aspiring Artist the other evening.  I think Fisbee was listening in.

Yesterday I came down to find him engrossed in A Christmas Carol.  Look at him.  He couldn't be bothered to move or anything! I've been there, though, I understand.  There's nothing like a good book.


Yesterday marked the turn of the month and I excitedly brought out our new Advent calendar.  There is one little story book a day and it tells the story of Christmas one day at a time.  I think this is a perfect addition to our Advent activities.:o)

Lil was excited to get going on our little Advent calendar as well.  (Each girl also has a chocolate one and a picture one as well.)  I'm in a new place here. I've never had two little girls of this age in the house at the same time.  The girls are going to have to take turns taking down and putting in the pockets and I know it will all be fine, but Lil gets so excited because she's now old enough to truly understand a appreciate the lead up to Christmas.


This is my "Happy to you cake" from Nana and Pop. (Ellie-speak there.)  They came to dinner last night and brought this holly jolly peppermint cake with them from Cold Stone.  YUM!!!

4.  B smoked pork spareribs last night and holy schnikeys were they incredible!  They're in the keeper recipe categorgy, that's for sure.
5.  The temperature is just lovely and should be perfect for the Grand Illumination tonight (which I'm desperately wanting to attend).

No Milestones.


Korinthia Klein said...

Wonderful pictures! So festive. I like the idea of using the wood shavings. I should do that at the violin store sometime.

Here in Milwaukee there are lights downtown over the intersections, and they used to be stars, but this year they are chandeliers. It's sort of weird, but still pretty.

jaydee said...

Rach, you have no idea how warm my heart feels seeing all those fabulous wreaths and garlands. I really appreciate that you take these photos and share them with us. After falling in love with all of your shots of CW - Ive decided that I'm going to make Lou take me there!
Your cake... oh yummy..... it looks good enough to make me lick the screen!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Take an orange and slice skinny-minnie slices out of it. allow it to set out to dry or you can dry it in your oven for a few hours on probably 200 F. Make sure that you know that whatever side it sits on will be flat from the sitting and drying. (Unless you prop them up in a glass.) You may want to sprinkle the insides with some nutmeg, cinnamon or other sprinkly good spices before you dry it.

Voila! That's my thought about the drying of the oranges.

I'm glad to see that no one seems to have the same wreaths and they are all so delightful!

Amy J said...

CW runs a decoration tour, D and I have been on it. Really informative.

Anonymous said...

Wow those wreaths are just stunning! Must have a think about how I can get something on to my front door....

FISBEE FAIL for me on Day 1!! I forgot to move him last night! I made up a lame story about not re-setting the time zone when he came from the North Pole....


Jori said...

Fabulous! They do an amazing job. I especially like the wreaths with apples, and or pineapple. Those building painted red, and so beautiful!