Sunday, December 30, 2012


Sorry I've been MIA for about a week.  We had company and then a day to prepare and then company again.  Then, we were besieged by stomach funk and colds and exhaustion and were puppy sitting and well, I just wanted to take a breather.

GF arrived safe and sound the afternoon of Christmas Eve Eve. The girls and I were so thrilled to be there to greet him and bring him home with us.

He settled right into the black chair (everyone's favorite but mine since I spent nine weeks stuck in it...), eating Christmas goodies and watching our favorite Christmas movies.

When he wasn't watching a movie, you could find the girls taking turns bringing him books and sitting in his lap. :o)

We spent a good part of Monday morning walking down Dog Street, admiring the Christmas decor.

That evening, I lit all the candles .

Brien snuggled down with the girls to read, "The Night Before Christmas".

We put out ginger cookies and eggnog for Santa and celery this year for the reindeer, we tucked the girls in, and Lil went right to sleep.  Not so Miss Bean.  Oh well.

Why is it that I can't have both girls being good sleepers at the same time?  Who am I kidding?  Bean's NEVER been a good sleeper--she's too afraid she's going to miss something.

And, Christmas Eve from the bridge.  :o)  Ahhhh. :o)

While it's beyond wonderful to have family with you for Christmas, it's also rather exhausting when you're the hostess and not the child.  As a kid you have absolutely NO idea what is involved in having holiday guests.  I spent a month planning meals and preparing and then I was "on" for the duration of the visit. 

Please know, this isn't a complaint, merely how it is, as any of you who had holiday company can attest.  It's beyond wonderful to have them with you, but boy is it work! And, with all that said, I'm hoping we can encourage Grapes to come celebrate with us again next year. :o) It's not every child that is lucky enough to have great grandparents they'll be able to remember!

Lissie brought with her goodies from ODB--the stollen was divine!--and the girls loved these beautiful sugar cookies. :o)

And, these shots are from Lil's birthday and Jess's visit:
I don't think she could have gotten a better photo of all five kiddos if she had tried.  Isn't it wonderful?

And, the birthday girl with her giant bows. :oP

And, I have a confession, I'd never tried eggnog until last week.  I've always been afraid of the texture.  Whil it smells quite lovely, I was put off by the thickness.  I can't do drinkable yogurt either.

Anyhow, B brought out the moose mugs and I conceded to try it.  However, I was rather chicken about it, so Lil had to show me up. ;o)

Meanwhile, the past few days have been spent just being together as a family.  We did Christmas with Nana and Pop on Thursday and I relearned (and taught the others) how to play Hearts. 

I've eaten loads and loads of terrible yet utterly delicious foods and wouldn't be surprised to find I've gained ten pounds.  No, seriously.

We've watched more TV than we should and I'm shocked to say the "Tinkerbell" movies are actually quite good.  Oh, and I've cried my way through "Brave"--a number of times.  I'm such a watering pot.  And, I think I must have Merida's hair. :o) 

We've had pajama days and hunkered down, and I've taken a break from the internet, my computer and my phone.  B and I have played games and played with our girls and just been a family.  It's been wonderful and I'm sad Lil has to go back to school Wednesday. But, I still have a couple more days and evenings with her and I'll enjoy those as well. :o)

And, I wanted to share this update I received from Jessie:
My friends,

As promised, my brother took a picture of what awaited outside of his room when he came back from visiting my parents.  This picture is only part of it!  And that is just what was addressed specifically to "Father Luke Suarez"--it does not include mail to the parish, or Monsignor!

There is so much, it doesn't all even fit in the rectory!  I will forward a picture of ONE package that they opened, from a parish in Hershey, PA.

Well done, everyone, well done! 

All blessings to you,

Isn't it amazing what good can be accomplished when we all work together?


gale said...

We missed you and jess and families yesterday. Think everyoine enjoyed themselves. You can see pictures on my Facebook page.
New Year's Blessings to you and yours.

Jane @ northernmum said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time.

And I have never tried eggnog....

Korinthia Klein said...

Most of our guests arrive after Christmas day and the big event tends to be my brothers' birthday on the 28th (dinner for 16 this year!), so I still have a bunch of our guests. I know exactly what you mean about it being wonderful and exhausting at the same time.

Doing My Best said...

Thanks for the picture of Father Luke's mail! Hopefully my card is in there somewhere ;-)!
(Rachel in CA)

Bailey's Leaf said...

A wonderful Christmas to share and to decompress from. Hoping all of you feel better soon! We've missed you!

Jori said...

It looks like you have had a wonderful holiday. It's snowing here. All four of us are home relaxing.

I am so happy about Father Luke's mail! That is wonderful!!

If I drink nog, I have to thin it out with a little skim milk. :)

Happy New Year!