Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections and a New Fresh Start

I know I always say my new year begins in September, yet I'm always anxious and even eager to begin another new year in January.  It seems as if I have discovered all the bumps in the road and am ready to smooth them out come January.  That, and well, I've eaten myself utterly ill (don't most folks this time of year?) and I'm ready for a fresh start there, as well.

And, as I've written in years past, I don't like resolutions.  I know, I know, they are practically the same things as goals, but goals are something you work towards and are allowed to flub up a bit along the way.  Resolutions are words you say to express a firm decision to do or not do something, and once you don't hold firm, you throw it out the window--at least I do at any rate. 

So, after quite a bit of time spent sitting and reflecting, here are my goals for 2013:

1.  I want to be in more photos.  No more hiding from the camera or behind the camera.  I need to be in photos with my family.  We ARE a family, all four of us and I want to have evidence I was there with them.  It's utterly ridiculous (and I fear, rather selfish) of me to refuse to be photographed because of my vanity and unease with my current physical appearance.  There were very few photos of me with Hannah, and it's looking that way with the other two girls.  NO more.  I WILL be in photos. 
See? :o)  (Isn't he just the cutest thing??)

2.  Back on the bandwagon with my health and fitness and weight.  I'm fairly certain I've gained between five and ten pounds since Thanksgiving--again, how many women will say the same thing?--and I'm back to weighing, measuring, and logging my foods and counting my calories.  I had success this past year--even with the broken ankle fiasco--and I'm going to pick up where I left off.  Setbacks happen, but I'm ready to move forward once more.

3.  I would love to be brave and run a 5K this year.  I'll start running again and see what I can do.  If the Color Run comes to Richmond this year, I'm in.  That's all there is to it.  I need a goal and motivation, and there it is.  I ran track in high school and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I may not love how I feel in the midst of it, but wow, that rush when I'm finished is phenomenal. :o)

4.  I crave even more organization in my life and am working towards it.  To that in, I've been coveting this life planner for a couple of years.  The site can be a bit overwhelming, but I'll be darned if I've not spent hours poring over it the past two weeks, slavering over that darn planner (and other things as well, I'll be honest...).  The problem with planners is, they seem wonderful and amazing, but also are quite expensive.  And, if you don't use it...yeah...therein lies the rub.

5.  Cards.  I MUST get back in that offudio and use my materials.  I feel so at peace and wonderful when my creative juices are flowing, so why not do this more?  I MUST make time for myself to get in there.  And then, I'm going to SEND them.  I started off fairly well last year, but then wound up slacking off.  I adore getting mail that isn't bills, and it stands to reason other folks do as well.  Why not just take the time to write a note and get it in the mail?

I've got a couple more goals that are a bit more personal that I just don't want to put out here for the world to read, but will share them with my sweetie so I can be held accountable.

Speaking of sweeties, my big girl sweetie and ready to play with me so I'm off.  I wish you all a fun evening with your families, and a very Happy New Year! 

P.S. If you're someone I typically text with with some frequency (I'm looking at you, Jori, Amy), I miss you guys.  However, I've somehow managed to misplace my phone...Ulp.  I'm going to be doing a big search of the van later this evening...Wish me luck.


Korinthia Klein said...

Those are some excellent goals! I'm with you on everything but the 5K, but I do wish I took more walks with my family. Maybe I can convince one of the kids to go with me more often when I walk the dog.

(And you're adorable and shouldn't shy away from the camera. Good for you for choosing to change that!)

Dani said...

Happy New Year! I sent you a text and was wondering what was going on :) Let's chat this week if you can. Hugs!

Bailey's Leaf said...

When I showed M the picture of you and the girls on the swing, I said, "Rachael's husband made her this fine swing!" "I'm not making you a swing! Do you know how hard it was for me to make that squirrel feeder?!" Never mind that we have no place to hang it. I also stated that B has a workshop and M does not. So sad, but I shall enjoy your swing from here.

I'm with you with weight. (Geeze o' Pete with the eating thing and me.) It's always a goal and I did very well for the first part of the year last year. Somewhere around June or July, I fell off the wagon. Hard.

I have to laugh over your statement about photos. I've said for the last few years that I know that I exist in the family, but I'll be if you can see it in photos. Hubs has been more vigilant about taking the camera from me and including me in family photos. I've also done a better job of keeping those photos as opposed to ditching some. I agree that we need to be viewed as a family unit in photos and while I have thousands and thousands of Hubs and K, there's not so much of me. :(

The studio will be worked on THIS WEEK! I'll send photos. I'll post photos. For one, I need the break and for another, extra income isn't a bad thing.

Texting. I've missed you but that seems to make sense. We'll see you when you are back up and running. Let us know. I know that you said that there was an illness that fell upon the House of MBB this week, so look in weird places. Cooks and nannies of mattresses and couch cushions are great places! Oh, and check Beanie's toy box. I wouldn't be surprised if girlie moved it. What about Fisbee? Did he take it with him?

Must return my house to non-Christmas state. My people know that I've been playing with Christmas trees since October 15. I need to have a treeless home existence and they are determined to help me with that today. Deep cleaning New Year's Day!

Jori said...

I still can't get over how awesome that swing is! Way to go B! I love your goals. I agree! I need to be in more pics, and get back on my tready.

I hope you found your phone!! I'm having withdrawals. :)

Anonymous said...

Shoot, tried to comment yesterday but it must have failed. Anyway, I love the Erin Condren planner. The calendar tabs are now laminated, making them much stronger, and that was my only gripe, so I'm happy. Be sure to look for a coupon code on Google - you don't need to pay full price. I also am inspired by your goal to be in more pictures. I could have written that part of your post myself. I am going to try harder this year too! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. Tami in NV