Sunday, January 20, 2013

Busy Weekend

This photo was taken Friday morning as Bitty and Bean called out, "I can't put my arrrrrrms down!"

This was the scene the night before.

And, this.

And, this.  And, given the rate at which the snow was falling, I felt sure we would get the called for 2"-4". 

And, this was the scene Friday morning.  Drats.

Lil came running into the bedroom at 7:00 overflowing with excitement proclaiming, "It SNOWED!!!!"  I had to burst her bubble and inform her that just because there's snow doesn't mean there is no school. :sigh:

It should be noted that I've been unable to get Bitty moving at any speed even approaching slower than sloth since we returned to school.  Friday morning, however, she was up and dressed in multiple layers, had dressed her sister, and had had breakfast all before 7:45.  Unbelievable!

Schools were open, but on a two hour delay so the girls had time to get out in the snow and play for about an hour before coming in to warm up and change into school clothes.

This was the scene by 1:00 Friday afternoon.

It may not have been much, but it was something, and the girls had a chance to get out and play in it, even if only for an all too short hour of fun.

Friday evening Brien and I went to a "young families" parents' night out social.  The RE K-5 parents were invited to an evening of faith and fellowship, and it was really just an opportunity for us to get together and get to know one another better.  We had a blast, and wound up coming home about an hour later than we had anticipated.  Whoops!

Saturday morning saw me meeting C at CW and basking in the sunshine after almost a full week of rain.  We got in a good brisk walk and that felt wonderful as well. :o)

I was enchanted with the pomegranates that had been hung in the trees.  I've never seen such a thing before.

Isn't that golden morning light lovely?

As I've said so often, as much as I'm over there, I'm still finding new scenes and views to enjoy. :o)

There were young cows and these very wooly sheep out enjoying their morning brekky, and I just had to snap a quick pic as we moved on by. :o)

Later that morning we visited the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and I have to tell you, that was loads of fun!  I enjoy a good thrift store, and this was thrift store combined with home goods combined with building supplies.  There were dishes, lamps, mirrors, light fixtures, paint, storm doors and windows, and so much more.  There were pieces of furniture from a hotel renovation (at least I'm assuming that's what happened as there were a ton of hotel lamps and mirrors there as well and I even saw one of those wall mounted Sunbeam hair dryers!), and an entire kitchen from the cabinets to the granite counters.  It was amazing and I can't wait to go back. :o)

Saturday afternoon I began yet another washi tape project.  Of course I did.  I can't seem to get enough of the stuff!  

I knew with the way I'm accumulating washi tapes I needed some way to store them.  That big bin off to the right there would have worked, but I wouldn't have been able to see them.  They're pretty and cute and I don't want them tucked away (same goes for my ribbons!), so I went on Amazon and began thinking about clear containers and such things.  My initial thought had been a mug tree, and I found a cute one, but then it hit me, a straw dispenser!  Perfect!  They're in sight, they're contained, and the container fits my space beautifully. :o)

Now for that project.

I found some cool tiles at the Restore and thought they would make great coasters.  Ellie will tell you they're "hepsagons".  May I just tell you she floored me with that one?

Anyhow, I got them home and couldn't wait to start putting washi tape all over them. :oP

I left the tape overhanging and then used the straight edge as a guide for cutting it flush using my cutting tool.

I used one of my narrower tapes around the edge and left it to overhang.  Since it was on the bottom, it was quite easy to just fold it over.

Brien very generously shared his polyurethane with me as the coasters need to be watertight, and the tape is paper tape...

The polyurethane deepened the colors and gave the coasters a nice sheen.

I left the coasters to dry overnight and backed them with cork this morning.  Isn't this roll of cork fun?  I'm thinking of lining the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets with it to use as a hidden cork board...I'll let you know if I do.

I cut the cork slightly smaller than the coaster and adhered it.

And, that was that.  All finished! :o)

I decided to use the same tape to edge all of them to add a bit of uniformity.

All ready to be used! :o)

However, the big news from this weekend is I think I've just about convinced myself to open an Etsy shop selling my cards and crafts (such as these coasters).  I've discussed the pros and cons with Brien and I've laid out a plan.  I've worked out shipping and pricing and what I need for inventory, and now all I need to do is open the store and have some customers...that's the part that makes me nervous. 

I'm excellent at big ideas and making plans, but this is bigger than anything I've ever taken on.  As good as I am at making those plans, the details bog me down.  I'm always afraid I'm going to forget something or not plan for something.  But, I walked through this with Brien, step-by-step and wrote and planned for close to three hours last night.  I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be.  Now all I need to do is take photos and open the shop.  Ulp!

We're to have dinner with friends tonight, so I must be off.  I'm taking my no-nap-Beanie with me so I'm not sure how long we'll be able to stay...we'll see.


See above--there are a TON up there!

No milestones.


Korinthia Klein said...

An Etsy shop is an excellent idea. You make so many cute things that others would love. (Totally cute hepsagon coasters.)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Now see, I'm glad that you've finally come to that conclusion! I've had that thought for you for a long time! I do understand the art thing and life getting in the way. Remember my studio? She's way more organized than she used to be, but I still need to find time to get in there.

Hooray! I've enjoyed the cards that you've made for me and sent to me. Everyone else would love them as well! If you make cards that cover adoption in any way, I just ask that you teach Hallmark with their one card. It said, "Congratulations on your decision to adopt." Really? That's all they could come up with?

FIX IT RACH! Pretty please?

Jori said...

The coasters turned out unbelievably cute!! You did such a nice job on them! I'm so happy that you are opening a shop! It will be such fun!

Anonymous said...

That is a FABULOUS idea!!! I have had my ebay store for years and years. And, like an Etsy store, you can open and close it as you need. If you are concerned, then get a bit of stock ready and only sell what you have already made. That way you won't stress about having to finish a custom order by a certain date. Just sell as you make. Much less stressful. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!


just in case you want to take another look at mine, here is the link...although I don't think much will show up for you as I don't make many items available outside of Oz (too much hassle!!).

Emma said...

All of the cards you make are beautiful. I would definitely buy some! :)

jaydee said...

Rach, congrats on your new endeavor! I love the coasters, they are a fabulous project to kick off your new store. I can imagine all sorts of themed ones with your new washi. Thanksgiving, wedding, anniversary, Christmas,etc. Super cool idea!
Sorry you didn't get more snow... but as you say, at least there was enough for the girls to get out and enjoy for a little while!

Anonymous said...

I will be a devoted customer! Love your blog and miss you on Instagram.
Tami in NV

Ness said...

We have a Habitat store in St. Louis and I have always admired the octagon shape. Going to see if they have any as I need new coasters anyway. What did you use to secure the cork to the coaster? And yes, PLEASE start an Etsy shop. My husband would be indebted to you forever as I see your ideas, want to make them, buy the stuff, afraid I can't and there it sits on my desk. But I'm really going to try hard to make these coaster. Would make great Christmas gifts with initials cut out of the tape as well. As far as the good dishes, I have never had any and I have 4 place settings of the red Fiesta ware. My grandmother had Fiesta ware and it reminds me of the good ole days before my mom died when I was 13. I think my husband and I will start using them at least once a week because we can! Thanks for the reminder that we don't often get to that rainy day that we save things for. Have a great week! Also if I might add a prayer request for a set of twins born at 27 weeks to a young couple, their first children after years of fertility treatment. Their names are Mason Dallas and Madeline Sophia. They weighed around 2.25 pounds each and 14 inches long. I have been lighting Mass candles for them every week and they could use all the prayers they can get, especially their young parents.