Thursday, January 31, 2013

China Challenge #1

We finally made it happen--the china was finally used before the end of the month.  I was cutting it a wee smidge close.  :oS

Isn't this a beautifully set table? Don't you just love the plastic cups and mismatched dinners? 

The girls had Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken with rice and salad.

I had Thai fried quinoa. 

Can you see all the yummy goodness in it?  Holy smokes this is sensational!  The rest of the family doesn't like it, so I broke my rule and made someone a separate meal from the rest of the family--my meal.  I always say I'm not running a restaurant, and if you don't like what's for dinner, too bad. 

But, I liked what we were having for dinner.  However, I knew this would be a great way for me to get my quinoa fix, and both meals are incredibly easy to make, so it wasn't that big a deal. 

As for dining on the china, well, I can tell you it had an impact on Lil's and my manners (B had a late night at work and couldn't join us).  We took our time and used our best manners and thoroughly enjoyed our meals.  We seemed to want to linger over our food instead of rush through it--it was lovely.  And, it was lovely to use my china and smile, having something so beautiful on which to eat such simple fare. :o)


1.  So, remember those daffodils that were sprouting?
Yup.  First bloom January 30, 2013.  CRAZY!

2.  I found this on the back of one of the math papers Lil brought home:
How fun is this?  Can you see the slingshot?  And the piggies?  Hee hee!  I love the arrows and the details. :o)

3.  Ellie and I went for a walk on the Noland Trail in NN on Tuesday:

I used to take Hannah and Waylen for walks along the Noland trail.  It was lovely to be out hiking in nature on such a beautiful day. :o)

4.  I think I finally caught up on all my errands.  Whew!  Now to catch back up on all the chores.  The house has fallen into chaos once more.  Drats.  I can craft, or I can clean, but apparently I can't seem to manage both.  Spoot. Hm...another goal for 2013? ;o)

5.  I've finally figured something out: Ellie was a good little monkey, but always VERY curious.  That's it! She's curious George!  She doesn't mean to get into mischief, she's just exploring and that's the result.

6.  Lil brought home great test papers on Tuesday.  Woo hoo!  And, she really seems to still be enjoying school.  :o)

No milestones.


Bailey's Leaf said...

Hooray for the China Challenge! Snap! I forgot to do it. I promise. I will. Tonight's dinner ended up being Chipotle (and the resulting heartburn), so we didn't dine here on homemade anyhow.

Curious George! That's it!

Korinthia Klein said...

That quinoa looked good!

Can't believe you're having such warm weather. We are below zero here with snow and ice and it is COLD.

Jill said...

Hooray for a wonderful dinner! And the girls had Chinese on the china :) I, myself live in NN, VA and I always love seeing our area showcased here. Such a small blogosphere!

jaydee said...

Ah.... the sight of beautiful China, home cooked food and relaxed conversation around the dinner table. Now, that's my kind of happiness! I loved the drawing on the back of the paper :-) What gorgeous shots you captured on your walk.
Now... I missed the deadline for the china challenge because Lou was away. So, what's new:-) However, I will be setting the table for dinner tomorrow!
congrats to Lil on her test papers

jorijepps said...

i love that you are using your china! What a great idea!!