Monday, January 21, 2013

China Challenge

Who's no longer looking like a toddler? My baby...:sigh:
Although we focus on good manners and table manners everyday around these parts, we decided we should have "Manners Monday", a day in which we would focus more intensely on manners during our evening meal. 

We have a cow figurine that which is passed around to the person who has committed the most recent manners foul.  The person left with the cow at the end of the meal is in charge of clearing the table.  It's a good thing Ellie is to young to participate because otherwise she'd have to clear the table every Monday. ;o)

I have planned to get out the china and silver (possibly the silver...we'll see) on the last Monday of each month to celebrate our last "Manners Monday" that month and to put our skills to the test.  Because we are using our best dishes, the adults will be in charge of clearing the table, and we won't be using the cow.  ;o) 

With all of that said, I'd like to invite you to pull out your finest (and so frequently unused but only once or twice a year) dishes and join us once a month in using them.  I'm not saying you have to use them on the last Monday of the month as we are, more that I'd like to have you share in the joy of using those beautiful items we often set aside to use "for special occasions" and then never deem an occasion "special" enough. 

I'm quite guilty of hoarding beautiful papers and not using them because then I won't have them.  Um...really?  Isn't the point of the beautiful papers to USE them?? Oy.  I've been better about using my "for special occasion" items since we lost Hannah because I know we're not promised tomorrow.  Why not use the nice things we have and enjoy them, even if it's just to slap a corn dog on your best china? 

Yes, it's more work to use the finer dishes, but for just one use a month, I can take the time to hand wash as needed. 

So, next Monday is our day to use our china.  I'll be posting about it on Thursday the 31st, and I would sincerely love to hear from you--did you use your china?  If so, what did you have?  What is your china pattern? Is it heirloom? Passed down from family members? No? What drew you to your pattern? Do you still love it?  (I'm SO nosy! I LOVE to learn about others!)

Let's take the time to celebrate we're alive and break out the "good stuff", whatever that good stuff may be! :o)


1.  I found this this afternoon:
Even my Bitty loves to play in the warm sunshine. :o)

2.  Pop came over and spent hours soldering on a couple of items for us.  Thank you, Pop, for sharing your time with us, and thank you Nana for delaying your lunch for a LOOOOONG time so he could help us. 
3.  I talked with Lissie this morning. She had a marvelous time in St. Pete at a blues festival and they're on their way home.
4.  My walk this morning.  There are times when I'm dragging and don't want to get out there, and then I do and I'm so happy I did. :o)
5.  Red beans and rice for dinner.  Yum!!

No milestones.


Bailey's Leaf said...

This makes me smile. :)

ME said...

I do want to get in the habit of using our good china too. I had the thought of using it on the 11th of each month, as that is the girls' birthday...or maybe the 26th which is our anniversary (but it won't be happening this month, I don't think, as the girls and I all have the flu right now...using the china is not part of the survival mode that we are in right now!). Our china is the pattern we picked out for our wedding. T and I each picked out the three we liked best from the store display when we were registering and this was the only one that we both chose, so that was it! I love it. :) ( [Did you notice that the pattern name is actually spelled wrong in the website address? Not very detail-oriented web people there, I guess!]
I also have some different serving dishes that are from grandmothers, etc but I tend to use those on a more regular basis anyway. One advantage to not having a dishwasher is that I have to wash everything by hand regardless of what we use, ha ha!

Korinthia Klein said...

We use our wedding china for family birthdays and holidays and special guests so they are in rotation often enough we probably don't need to set aside extra days for their use, but I love that you are getting more chances to use yours! Definitely what they are for--to share with the people you care about and make a meal extra nice.

Elissa said...

You're not "nosy!" You're "enthusiast for details!" :-)

Elissa said...

Oops! "Enthusiastic!"

Kelli said...

What a cool idea. Jamison is taking an etiquette class with her guidance counselor at school and it's so neat the things she's learning. I love it!

Anne B said...

I have my grandmother's china. I'm the oldest grandchild, but definitely not the favorite so I was surprised she wanted me to have it. I felt like a snob at first when my dad said that she wanted me to have her china because my first question was "does it have gold trim?" I really didn't want China with gold. Well, it doesn't have gold trim and it is lovely. It is Noritake Marywood ( I've tried to use it some for birthday cake, but my husband thinks it is a hassle since we have to hand wash it. I'm planning on using it for my sister-in-law's bridal shower since I can't stand paper plates at parties. I'm glad you are using your china more.

jaydee said...

Rach, I have a couple of sets of "good china" that have been used so infrequently in the last 17 years. I commit to using it monthly, and will definitely share a photo on my blog! thanks for challenging us to do this and for reminding us that every day is a special day.
P.S. LOVE the photo of Bitty in the sun!

Tournesol said...

I think it's a great idea too but I don't have fine china. I handwash my dishes anyway so that wouldn't be an issue. But similar to your thoughts on your china, I tend to wear all my nice jewelry, not save for special occasions or nights out for the same reason. No one knows what tomorrow brings and you can't take it with you, wear it with jeans, sweats whatever I say!