Sunday, January 13, 2013

Full-On Organizing!

I'm putting this photo up here first simply because I don't want the photo that shows up on some folks' blog roll with my blog is one of my disgustingly cluttered pantry. ;o)

Well, that, and, isn't it gorgeous hanging?!  I'm going to get a better photo tomorrow, but I had to snap one once B had it hung this evening.  :o)  It's so solid and sturdy and I just adore it! :o)  My next task for him is bookshelves.  See what he's gotten himself into?? ;o)

Now, onto the crux of this post--I'm in a tizzy of organizing, deep cleaning and throwing out/donating. I couldn't handle the clutter one moment longer, flipped my lid and went to the 'jay and picked up a ton of tubs and bins and the like.

And, because I love a good before and after, I'm sharing with you. ;o)

The pantry before.  I'm using those coke boxes up there to store canned goods (in this case, soups).  I should probably cover them, but they've been like that for the past year and I've not gotten 'round to it yet...

It's not awful, but it's sure not uncluttered either.

After.  My two biggest gripes were the mess under the bottom shelf, and the problem with storing cans on those wire shelves--they can rock and be unsteady.  Tubs and bins to the rescue!

I got rid of nothing, I simply organized what I had.

And, the next few before/afters are of the downstairs bathroom cabinet.  B works on processing his own film and photos and has made this bathroom into a pseudo darkroom.  As such it home to various chemicals and developers and equipment, and I didn't want to deal with it, so I pretended it didn't exist. 

Unfortunately, I could no longer go on pretending...

After--left hand cabinet.

Before middle cabinet.

After middle cabinet.

Before right hand cabinet.

After right hand cabinet.  I did get rid of a number of chemical household cleaners and those empty bags of cat food (don't ask).  And, we even have a place to store toilet paper now. :oP

My space under the kitchen sink got the same treatment.

I disposed of a number of old cleaning supplies and organized those that remained.  I love these drawers!

And, finally, the one I'm so embarrassed to share.  When Bean was little and would get in this cabinet, it stayed fairly clutter-free and organized.  But, Beanie has found bigger and far better (or destructive, depending on your point of view) things to get into so we had gotten to the point where we were simply tossing the plastic under there and slamming the door behind it.  Woe unto you if you needed something out of there...

After.  Do you hear that angel chorus singing "Hallelujah"? I've been ruthless and if it didn't have a matching lid, it was tossed.  The plastic is now kept in the big plastic bin up above, and the drawer keeps the lids contained.  (Insert tuneful singing of "Ahhhhhhhhh".)

Here is my box of donatables.  I've cleaned out every cabinet in the kitchen.  The other rooms are next...

And, speaking of rooms, we performed a minor miracle in Lil's room today.  She's seven now.  It's time she had a "real" sized workspace in her room. I knew that Brien would like to eventually build her a desk, but for now, I needed something...anything...


The table is one GF made for me long long ago (we're talking 19 years now...gah! 19 years!!).  I picked up another three drawer Sterilite thingie (I've now christened it as such), and the rest were materials we already had around the house.

This is an old library shelf I painted white a couple of years ago.  I added some washi tape as a bit of decoration.

Brien hung the corkboard and Lil went to town pinning up her treasures.

And, look, Liss, the shin and ankle killing cradle has been moved!  (Please note I'm not showing you what has become of the stuffed animals that were living in there...) I'm hoping to make an IKEA run sometime this spring and I'll get a 4X1 Expedit to go under the window for storage and a window seat.  We also need to pick up some sort of light for her space as it's rather dim in that corner.

Overall, I'm really pleased with how everything is coming together.  I still have a massive job to do in the offudio.  Ruthlessness is called for.  Culling must be done.  I'm not looking forward to it.  Oh, and my closet.  :sigh: My closet...

But for now, this is progress, no? :o)


1.  Did you see how organized everything is?  Did you??  It makes me so happy to make order from chaos.  Ahhhh.
2.  I received an email from Erin Condren--my planner shipped FRIDAY!!!  It wasn't suppose to ship until Wednesday this week. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!!! It's scheduled to arrive Tuesday and I simply can't wait!  :o)  Delayed gratification is so fun!  Sure, it's so hard to wait, and yet, there's something fun in the waiting.  :o)
3.  My swing. My beautiful, glorious, wonderful swing is up!
4.  I got a new student in RE today--another boy.  That makes 15 boys and no girls, lol!
5.  Seeing Lil so excited with her new space.  Now if she can only keep it straightened up and clean...
6.  The Ransom Box has worked this first week.  Let's see what week two brings.

No milestones.

Friday I learned of the passing of my wonderful, incredible, amazing, inspiring Algebra II and Calculus teacher.  Terry Maddy (as she was known when I had her) was, without a doubt one of the best teachers I have ever had.  I adored her--both times I had her.  She was one of those teachers who made a difference and obviously loved her students and her job.  She would go out of her way to make sure you understood a concept before moving on.  I can't think of a single student who had her who didn't love her.  My Calculus classes in college were a breeze because of her.

In no particular order, here are things that stand out in my memory of classes with her:
  • pee-CAN pie (a great method of teaching fractions, btw)
  • "That's adultery! You can't break up a happily married couple!"
  • "That's a VERY good problem!" which was then marked with no fewer than five stars to denote you would see a problem similar to it on the test.
  • Hank, the mother of all parabolas--y=x squared.  Thereafter, anytime a parabola was graphed it was just Hank moved around, fat or skinny, or flipped upside down.
  • +C!!  Don't forget it!  
  • The "Function Machine" used to teach, what else, functions
  • She actually made word problems make sense.  I know, I know, crazy! I still struggled with mixture problems, but boy could she make them understandable.
  • "You learned this in Algebra II.  I KNOW you did!  You had an awesome teacher!" ;o) 
  • Lazy Twerps who didn't do their homework. 
  • Chastisement of students who still didn't have their multiplication tables memorized by the time they were in Algebra II (let alone Calculus--always done in a tone of playfulness, but still a rebuke nonetheless). 
  • Any problem Terry Maddy (Helms) deemed "awesome" and "amazing", and "This is a very good problem!" my college Calc teacher would inevitably proclaim to be "too hard".  Funny that.  Terry held us to such a high standard of expectations and made it a point to make sure we all got there.  There was definitely rigor in her classes! (Oh, and yes, I used the same Calc book in high school AND college.  As soon as I realized that, I raced home and picked up all my Calc notebooks from high school and brought them back with me because Terry Maddy was 10 times the teacher my college prof was.  Because of my strong background, I was able to understand what was being taught and then wound up tutoring my classmates who didn't "get it".  
  • I loved Calculus so much I used to do derivatives and integrations just for the fun of it.  Yes, that's right, Terry Maddy made it fun!
While I'm saddened by the loss of such a young woman (she was only 61), and I'm sad for her family (her parents are still living), I'm just as sad for all the students who won't have the privilege of having Terry Helms for Algebra II and Calculus and won't have that love of learning instilled in them.  Terry challenged you and you wanted to succeed so you wouldn't let her down.  She was the type of teacher I aspired to be, and in fact, I modeled much of my style on her.

She had a lasting impact on my life and on that of many students and she will be greatly missed by many.  


Michelle said...

My cabinets look the same as yours! Especially the kitchen ones! :) Thank you for haring your pictures and inspiring me to clean out mine!!!

Katie said...

Love the organizing. We've been doing the same. And your tribute to Terry brought tears to my eyes again, and a smile to my face. It has been a tough weekend, and will be a rough week ahead for the kids. But hearing stories like yours does help. Now we need to keep moving forward, as she wouldn't want us moping about.

Korinthia Klein said...

I love a good clean. Did a bit of that myself today, and I don't know why but I sleep better knowing things are organized.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to your teacher, Rach.

You should send it to her parents, they are sure to love it.


jaydee said...

Rach, your tribute to your teacher is fabulous. Teachers who inspire you to remember so many things you learned all those years later... well, they are rare. She was so young. My thoughts and prayers to her family, but how blessed she was to have touched the lives of so many.

Your organization.... sigh... that makes me happy. Great job!

B - great job on the swing. Im envious.

What a great space you created for Lil. The difference between the fore and after are amazing... from little girl to young lady!


Allison said...

Oh, your organized cabinets are GLORIOUS! I am super jealous. I need you to come down here and do mine. And I know I am woefully behind on emailing you back--I haven't forgotten! Things have just gotten away from me yet again.

Jori said...

You have done such a great job!! We did a bit of organizing over the weekend. It makes everything feel so much better! So sorry about your teacher. She sounds like a wonderful woman. It's amazing what a profound affect teachers can have on their students. :)