Thursday, January 03, 2013

Nothing But Randomness

See this innocuous looking little binder?  It was given to me at my bridal shower by my future M-I-L (aka "Nana" ;oP), with a few of Brien's favorite recipes written inside.  How is that for a wonderful gift?  :o)

Nana has a similar recipe binder at her house and it was used as a place to collect family favorites.  Once a recipe had been made a couple of times it was deemed "book worthy" (I'm paraphrasing quite a bit, but you get the gist, right?) and written down. 

I too have used this fine book in this manner.  However, over the course of the past few years, it would seem I've become a

We find our favorite recipes on the internet and then click "print".  When we've finished, we fold the paper in half and shove it in the binder.  Sure, this is easy in the short term, but try finding that recipe for Lavish Chocolate Cake or Smothered Meat in that stack of pages.  We are continually opening and unfolding and refolding and restuffing.  Worse still, if we pick up the binder less than carefully, our feet are immediately showered with pages and pages of recipes. 

Not good.

Everything came to a head this evening when I glanced over at my baker's rack and discovered B had set aside a recipe so he could more easily locate it.  While this loose paper hanging out didn't bother him in the least, I'm afraid it sent me into orbit as I'm currently in a frenzy of uncluttering.

The camel's back having been broken by that one innocent little straw, I went to work on copying out all those recipes.

I discovered handwriting is one of those "use it or lose it" things.  I've never had the best handwriting.  The only time I ever received an "A" in handwriting, the paper went on the fridge for the rest of the marking period... I'm always in too much of a hurry to get it finished and my letters all run together and my grip is funky, and well, I'm messy.  I just am. 

Since I'm no longer teaching, I'm no longer writing for much of the day, and my handwriting has suffered as a result.  So, chalk up another goal for the new year.  I'm going to work on my handwriting. :o)

In the midst of copying recipes I ran into some trouble--I'm out of pages and you can no longer get refills! ACK! Feeling a bit panicked--I'm organizing for crying out loud!--I begged my brilliant husband to help me out, thinking he could scan the page and print some for me.  Well, he could, but he's going one further and making me customized pages. :o)  I'm so excited! (It's all about the simple things, really.)  I pulled up the Erin Condren recipe cards for him to see what I'm (currently) interested in and he's gone to town.  As soon as we have some printed up (I need to invest in some better paper tomorrow), I'll be sure to share.  He's quite talented, that boy of mine. :o)

I still have a number of recipes that need copying, but I got a good start tonight.  Everything is now filed where it can be found, and, they're colorful!

Have I confessed my obsession with office supplies?  One of the things I missed most this summer with my blasted ankle was being unable to go school supply shopping with Bitty. 

The one time I can let go of that little Roy G Biv obsession of mine is when it comes to note taking.  Okay, okay, I lie.  I can't let it go, I MAKE myself let it go.  But, I'm not that bothered by it... This colorful note-i-ness is made all the better with these pens. I adore mulitcolored pens. :o) I have big plans for those pens and my new planner (whatever one I happen to get) when I finally get one. 

I swear, colored pens are what got me through some of my more boring classes in school.  :oP

And, because this post is already a rambly random mess, I thought I'd share my pen holder.  Han made this for me for Mother's Day 2006. :o)

And, kept in that cup, awaiting another snow, is the snow measurer Han made in Kindergarten.  My girl is everywhere.  It's so lovely to have little reminders of her lurking here and there. :o)

And, back to that love of school supplies combined with random posts.  Santa knows of my office supply/pen obsession and stuffed a pencil case in my stocking.

Since I'm still not carrying a purse, and since all I seem to lug around are my notebooks and diapers and wipes, this backpack fits the bill perfectly.  And, even better, that nifty little pencil case tucks right into that front pocket and looks at people as I walk by. ;o)

But wait, there's more! Look what happens when you unzip to put in your writing implements! Om nom nom. :o)

And, if you keep unzipping, you wind up with nothing but a long red ribbon.

How fun is that? 

Yes, I'm easily amused. ;o)  And happy.  Did I mention this makes me way too happy?  I had no idea he was peeking out of my bag that way until I came home.  It explains the smiles that were coming my way at TJ's. :oP

So, while I was busily copying recipes, B was making me one of my favorite dinners, manicotti in meat sauce.  (This was one of the recipes we had a hard time locating in that jumble of papers.)

Aren't they lovely?  Instead of using tubes, you use flat no-cook lasagna noodles and roll them up.  And, that sauce?  It's divine.  Yum!

And, that's all, folks!  Tonight's ramble is over. 

Oh, but wait, before I go, I need to remember to write about Amy's brilliant idea about using my china!  It's definitely a post for another evening since I'm obviously tired and getting a little punchy here, but she suggested a "China Challenge" whereby we would get out our fine china and actually USE it instead of just looking at it.  It would be done at minimum once a month.  We could all do it and it would be fun! :o)  Give it some thought and let me know what you think.  Maybe a linky party?  I'll do a better post on it, but thought it was such a wonderful idea I needed to get it out here now before I forgot.  :o)


1.  Awesome dinner.  Thank you, sweetie!
2.  There was a nail polish incident today and the only casualties were a notebook and Beanie's hands.  Not bad considering the havoc Hannah wrought...
3.  My phone has been found--hallelujah!
4.  Brien working so hard on those pages for me.
5. Bitty is SO happy to be back in school.  She's come in bouncing the past two days.  Today she told me all about the new girl who is sitting at HER table!! (Her enthusiasm and excitement, not mine, although new kids are always fun if you're not the teacher...)
6.  My Finny snuggle bug is curled up right next to me as I type.

No milestones


Jori said...

Awesome! I love the recipe sheets! How clever of B to make more for you.

LOVE your monster face pencil case. SO cute!! I know what you mean about school supplies, I am in LOVE with them.

Your din looks delish!

twingles said...

That is a great idea for the manicotti - those tubes are so impossible to stuff - especially with cheese.

Bailey's Leaf said...

I need to make my recipes look like yours. I'll take a photo of the box and text it to you. It'll make you itch.

Even with my funky china, I'm excited for the China Challenge! :)

One more homework assignment. Sorry. It is a must-do. The artist in me demands that you flip your markers tip side down, please. They dry out with the tip up and last longer with it down and ink running to it.

Sorry. :S

Bailey's Leaf said...

PS I love that Hannah thought that you would score 11 inches of snow!

Kelli said...

Loved this ramble. Love your love for color pens (me too!!!). I love the Pilot Razor Point pens as well as the Sharpie pens. My faves!!! I love that B is making you recipe cards (Erin C is great and colorful). You also had me a pen case! And that manicotti looks amazing! All reasons that I love you :) What happened to your phone? Is that why there was no IG?

korinthia said...

Office supplies make me happy, too.

jaydee said...

Office supplies. Heaven! I remember as a very young girl - under 5 - playing "shop for stationery" with my mother. we made paper money and a makeshift counter and till and I would buy paper and pens and such from her. It made me happy and I'd spend hours playing "stationery shop". Your post brought back such a wonderful memory.
I think the China Challenge is a great one and I think that we should have to share a photo of the table with the china on it and the food we ate from them!
Having the little things that Han made you is priceless. I know she will love that you use them and think of her every time you do.

LisaWV said...

I'm in Boston for a conference and what is my souvenir? Two different kinds of funky paper clips from Levenger's. I'm an office supply geek, too.

I'm so impressed with B's manicotti!

Stephanie Precourt said...

That looks delicious!!


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with recipes. I about went nuts Christmas trying to find my favorites. My daughter uses pininterest to store hers. She has a section called tried and true for the ones she liked and another for the ones that she has not tried. I don't know how to do that but I have to find a better way!!

Colleen said...

DH and I grew up in families that had a nice meal on Sunday afternoons, so we have continued that tradition with our kids. Part of what makes that meal special is the nicer dishes we use. For very special occasions, like holidays and birthdays, we pull out the stops and get out chargers and wine glasses for all (even the 4yo has a mini wine glass). Yes, there are spills ... yes, I keep a dish towel handy for when the inevitable happens. ;-)

For my last birthday, my mom got me a set of antique silverware from an antique store, which we also use for special meals.

One more thing that I usually do for the Sunday dinner table is buy fresh flowers from the grocery store. If I can get them on Thursday or Friday, they actually look better on Sunday. You just want to make sure you use short vases and cut the stems short enough so you can see each other. :-)

A beautiful table usually makes everyone want to linger over the meal longer, even our teenagers. ;-)

One last thing: remember your attitude is key. It does take more work to put together a nice table, however, we're not just "filling holes but feeding souls."

If your family is not at a stage where this is very doable - stick with the fancy Chinets and don't feel bad about it. :-)

"Better a dry crust with peace than a house full of feasting with strife." -- Pr. 17:1

Anonymous said...

That B is a clever clever man. Can you send him over here for awhile???