Thursday, January 10, 2013

Of Visits and Essential Oils

Lissie and I have had a fun couple of days.  Yesterday we took a lovely walk through CW and around the "downtown" area and then had some lunch and a trip around New Town.  I had found an old gift card to a store and discovered it had $25 on it!  Woo hoo! Found money! I picked up a couple of holiday items on extra special after-Christmas clearance, and was pretty pleased with myself.

Today we took another walk in CW and then visited the outlets and had lunch. While I know both Liss and I would have enjoyed having time to play in the offudio, we were both so beat this afternoon--and my mojo just isn't flowing--we simply sat and chilled.

I do, however, have plans to get in there this evening.  I have a number of birthday cards to make, a get well card, a praying for you card and a thinking of you card.  Oh, and speaking of cards, if you're someone who typically receives Christmas cards from me, I didn't send them this year.  Yup.  I made them and didn't send them.  I told you I was feeling "off". :sigh:

With regards to making cards--if I get in there and work, the ideas seem to flow, but the moment I stop and don't get in there, the ideas all dry up.  :oS  I think I maybe entered one or two challenges this year...this is not acceptable.  I WILL make cards and mail them.  I WILL participate in challenges.

And, I cannot for the life of me figure out a smooth segue so I'm just going with the random flow of thoughts.  Sue, we are more than happy to share those recipe binder pages with you, I just have to talk to B about how we can do so.

Shelley, my cleaning recipes are not that measured out, but I'm more than happy to share.  I used a number of websites to help me get started, here are a few of them:
From perusing these, I created a spray cleaner using 3:1 water:vinegar solution and added tea tree oil and a "smell pretty" oil--I particularly enjoy citrus, especially pink grapefruit.

I made another spray cleaner that I use on my kitchen counters using witch hazel.  8 oz. witch hazel, 20 drops tea tree, 20 drops eucalyptus oil and 20 drops of the citrus oil of your choice (I use pink grapefruit).  At first it smelled extremely medicinal to me, now it just smells "clean".

I made a soft scrub using baking soda, liquid castille soap and essential oils.  slowly add the liquid castille soap to the baking soda until it forms a thick paste.  Add tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and any smell good oils you may like.  I like to use peppermint in this one to keep with the minty scent.

When I vacuum, I add five drops of an essential oil to a tissue and suck it up in the vacuum which leaves a lovely smell as I clean.  We use lavender oil for bug bites and boo boos and sometimes in bath at night (only a drop or two).  During winter I like to play around with cassia, peppermint, and cinnamon leaf.  During the summer I like the lightness of citruses (lime, lemon, tangerine, orange, pink grapefruit).

Oh, I almost forgot, I also make a homemade salt scrub.  Put fine sea salt in the bottom of a shatter-proof container.  Add sweet almond oil (olive oil works well, but does have a faint aroma, and I do like to melt some coconut oil and use it as well) and any other oils you might want until you form a salt scrub consistency.  I then mix in a floral essential oil (ylang ylang, geranium) to fragrance.  I use this in the shower and my skin feels SO good afterward.  I don't even have to use lotion! :o) Exfoliation and moisturizing in one. Nice!

And, in final randomness, here are some photos from our walks:

I LOVE this elementary school!

Check out the cupola! :o)

So, the other evening I looked over and someone had not only moved my candle stick, they had put a faux tea light in it.  Ha!  How clever was Bean? ;o)


1.  Visiting with my mama!  It's been so wonderful to have someone to pal around with for a bit.
2.  Ellie has been so tolerant and patient on our jaunts out and about.  Yes, the child is an extrovert, and yes, she does so enjoy getting out, however, we have kept her under straps in the stroller so she can't get into any trouble in the stores and she was very good about it.
3.  I'm send THREE tubs of size 3T clothes to Jess for Gracie, thereby getting them out of MY house. YAY!! Now, let's hope Grace has outgrown them by the time Beanie needs them...
4.  I cleaned out my shoes today.  I tossed a number of pairs (yes, Nana, I tossed the black ones with the split seam :sniff: :sniff:) and put the rest to be donated.  I think there were 10 or 12 pairs in all.  I was ruthless.  If I've not worn them in a year, they went.  My clothes are next...
5.  So much sunshine the past few days.  Hooray!
6.  I'm making more organizational plans.  Jaydee, I absolutely get the need to clean and organize when stressed.  It's making order from chaos.  Dianne, thank you for the link to the planner--it made my heart sing!

No milestones.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile but never sent a comment. But I am a W&M grad who now lives out of state, and I wanted to tell you how much I love seeing the pictures of the campus and CW you post. Makes me miss it but also brings back such fond memories. So thank you :)

Korinthia Klein said...

I never considered making my own cleaners but you make it seem easy. I might try it!

jaydee said...

Rach, love the links to the essential oil cleaning tips! I need to get check those out in detail.

I still love your photos of CW. It doesn't matter how many you share, you just seem to capture something new everytime.

So glad you had time with Lissie to get out and about.. and then just chill.