Monday, January 28, 2013

Pom Pom Wreath Tutorial

A couple of you seemed interested in my little pom pom (or pompom--both ways seem to be correct) wreath so I thought I would go ahead and post a tutorial for you. 

I finished this cutie tonight after making another 45 pompoms.  Whew! It really is worth it, though, as there is just something so wonderful about fluff and polka dots. :o) All this needs is an appropriate ribbon and she's finished!  I'll be listing her on Etsy when the shop is finally ready to go.  More on that in a bit.

Let's start with the pompom maker.  I have these two and used the smallest one on this wreath--1 3/8".  I also have the larger two as well.  I got mine from JoAnn, but they are on Amazon as well (what can't you get on Amazon??).

I was really uncertain as to how to use it, even with the directions provided so I went right to YouTube and found this video to help me out.  But, I thought I would walk you through as well. 

The maker is two pieces you put together.

It opens like this once it's put together.

You begin by wrapping the yarn around one arm, being sure to fill it up level to the pink.  Also be sure you cover all the surface area of the arm as well.

End with the yarn at the end of the arm.  This is important for the next step.

Close the arm and begin wrapping the yarn around the other arm.

Can you see how the yarn is coming off the end of that first arm and ready to wrap around the other one?

Fill up that arm the same as the first.

Close that arm as well and cut off the yarn.

Next, cut around the yarn--there is a handy groove running all the way around the maker.

All cut!

Next, you'll want to take a 4"-6" piece of string and loop it around the bottom of the maker.  Pull it taught (and makes a rather satisfying snap when you get it snug).

You're going to tie that string in a firm knot so all those little pieces of yarn you've just cut won't fly about and out.

You open those arms back up and separate the two halves.

Out pops your pompom!

It needs a bit of a haircut, but hey, it's not bad and beats the wrapping the yarn around your fingers method.  ;o)

Just another shot of how it comes apart.

Here you see my pile of pompoms needing a trim.

All done!  I roll them in my hand like I'm rolling a clay ball and then hold them by the tying string and trim them up.

Using the hot glue gun, I started on the inside and worked my way out.  I put the glue right on the wreath and adhered the pompom.

I added another layer, insinuating pompoms between a pair.

And, I just kept going.  Here you can see the gap that needs to be filled.

And, the gap is filled by a red pompom.  :o) 

I started with a pattern on the inside, but eventually just started randomly applying the poms wherever I saw a need for a color break.

See how sweet?  :o)  I'd say there are probably about 125-140 pompoms on there.  I have another one percolating around in my brain that uses a mix of pompom sizes.  However, I still need to finish off that flower wreath that's poking it's head into the photo up there. ;o)

Now then, an Etsy shop update: Brien has finished taking photos of the cards.  I have registered for a store and come up with a name ("Monkey Studio Designs") and we are working on the final details.  I'm hoping we can have it up and running by Friday, if not sooner! :o)  I'll keep you posted!


1. Home with my Bitty today--she had a day off--and listening to Ellie begging Lil to play with her.  She really is such a little extrovert.  But, why does this make me happy?  It means my girl wants to play with her sister, not just play next to her.
2.  I got the pompom wreath all finished.  Hooray!
3.  Snuggling with Finn on the couch.
4.  Bitty helped out with her chores today without being asked--go chore chart!
5.  Coffee.  Nectar of the gods, I tell ya.  I love my early morning cup with my morning me time.

No milestones.


Anonymous said...

As long as I get the buy the wreath... :)

Anonymous said...

*TO buy the wreath

Korinthia Klein said...

So cute! I taught my kids to make pom poms using a cardboard form we make ourselves each time, but I like the way the device you have seems to hold everything together while you tie it all up. We may need to look for one like that next time we go out to a craft store.

helenasc said...

I saw this yesterday and thought it might be helpful to someone if they didn't have the tool. The wreath is so cute!

RC said...

Sorry but your hubby is nuts. That is the most perfect, sweet, beautiful, festive pompom wreath I have ever laid eyes on. Your poms are PERFECT!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm off to the craft store.... I will have a pompom wreath!!

LisaWV said...

So gorgeous! Wow!

Tournesol said...

I love this! So cute!!!

Jori said...

It's fabulous! I am so happy that you found the pom pom makers! That is a handy little tool!