Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Etsy Store is Open!

So, we finally got some cards uploaded and the store is open and ready for business!  I've not had a chance to get everything listed as of yet (did you see that stack of cards I had to list?), and the wreaths aren't up yet, but I can promise this one and the next will be listed by tomorrow.  :o) 

I have a few more Valentines cards up my sleeve and in my brain trying to get out, but it's been a busy weekend. 

I started by finishing this wreath.  It's been percolating forever (since last fall at least) and I was glad to finally get it out and finished. 

It's made entirely of felt flowers.  While I'm happy to have it finished, and while I do think it's lovely, I have a real soft spot for that fluffy polka dotty one up there. :o) I will not be heartbroken if that one doesn't sell. ;o)

Friday afternoon was spent making a huge mess in my offudio.  I got a couple of cards made, and they made me super happy, but it was still a mess.   It's amazing I was able to function in such chaos...

While I was busy making a mess in the offudio, Beanie was busy in her room...

Somebody is trying to give up her afternoon nap.  Nooooooooo!  I need that time!!!!! :oS 

A bored Bean is not a good thing... I don't think I would have been so upset if I hadn't spent all afternoon Wednesday moving out the 18-24 month clothes and sorting through the 2Ts and putting them in the drawers.  ARGH! 

Friday saw us driving to have dinner with Sarah, Erik and the girls at Red Robin (I love going there--the food is decent and I can be guaranteed my children won't be the loudest in the restaurant) and then brought Erin home with us. 

She and Lil had a blast!  They wanted to stay up until midnight, and they made it!  Ah, sleepovers. :o)  They slept until about 8:00 or so Saturday morning and then went to a birthday party and finished off the day playing here.

While they were partying, Beanie, B and I hit the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and I found a couple of goodies there (I'll share when I've finished the projects I have ideas for) and then we headed for Lowe's where we purchased the materials necessary to convert Bean's closet into a more usable space. 

I have taken the doors off the tracks in both girls' rooms as those sliding closet doors are the bane of my existence.  They are continuously falling off the track and are nigh on impossible to slide across the carpet. :oS  I'm going to hang a tension rod and a cute shower curtain in their place.  It's not ideal, and we'll be hanging onto those doors, but for now, this is the plan. 

I spent last night poring over the Baker Creek Seeds catty, planning our gardens for the year.  I missed doing that last year so I'm more than happy I got on the stick last night.  I'll post more about my garden plans later, but for now, I'm delighted to have my seeds ordered and the time to sit and start planning out my beds for the spring. :o)

I ADORE winter and am grateful for the snow we've had, but as wonderful as it is, there comes a point when I long for warm days and cool evenings and the beauty of spring blossoms.  I'm making plans for those days. :o)


1.  See above.  :o)

2.  Freddie found a warm spot the other night:
We were good as long as he didn't sit up and block the screen. ;o)

3.  Nothing but "bad for you" apps this evening--nachos, chips and dip, guac (okay, not so bad for you in small amounts), velveeta/rotel dip and the like.  Mm. :o)  It's good to eat like this once in a while--it makes me remember why I don't eat like that that often. ;o)

4.  The girls have discovered Brien's childhood Legos and have been playing with them all day.

5.  You should see all the green sprouts I have everywhere from where I planted my bulbs in the fall.  It's going to be SO gorgeous and fragrant around here! :o)

No milestones. 


jorijepps said...

The wreaths turned out great! I am so happy that you have your shop up and running.

I can't wait to hear about your garden plans! Thank you so much for the advice you gave me for mine!

Anonymous said...

So glad the store is open!! Oh my what a mess in Bean's room. I would have either flipped or cried. Not sure which!


Jess said...


Korinthia Klein said...


Bailey's Leaf said...

The store is delightful! :)

Anna See said...

Great job on the etsy store!!!

Christina said...

Congratulations!! I know you will do great things on Etsy. :)

jaydee said...

Yay... congrats on your opening!!!
Now.... I laughed out loud when I saw the mess that the tornado called Beanie left behind. Man, how can one child create that much chaos in such a short amount of time! I know it's funny to me... but I sure wouldn't have liked to clean it up!
I can't wait to see all your bulbs come up!

Anonymous said...

I keep checking for the wreaths!!! I hope I don't miss when you add them :(
After seeing the mess from the Bean just wanted to make sure her dresser is anchored to the wall. I'm sure it is but I would feel awful if I didn't ask.