Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Funny and a Craft

Ellie does not like to sit still--anywhere. Ever. Period.

She especially does not like to sit still at the table.  She will eat enough to take the edge of any hunger she might be experiencing and is then ready to get down and run around.  While this isn't problematic at breakfast or lunch, it causes trouble at dinner.  She is practicing sitting at the table and keeping us company as well as not grabbing onto us with her dirty hands.  A couple common refrains at our dinner table include, "No, you may not get down yet.  We need you to sit still.  Get back in your seat.  Eleanor! Get in your seat!" "Ellie! Please don't touch me with your dirty hands.  We don't grab people or touch them when we're eating."  "Use your napkin, please."

She'll be finished long before the rest of us and I find I spend the majority of my time redirecting her.  Oy.

Well, at dinner the other evening she was bored.  Obviously, she was really bored.  She put her head in the sleeve of her 'Punzel gown and called out, "Look at me!!" Oh my stars!  We all just about died laughing as she entertained us by making funny faces.

Silly Beanie!

And, now the craft. 

Lily wanted a pretty clipboard.  This is not a pretty clipboard. 

I got some white paint.

I gave it a couple of coats.

Washi tape to the rescue! :o)


1.  Walking with Tami this morning.
2.  All my crocci are blooming.  I'm sooooo happy I planted all those bulbs this past fall!
3.  Chatting with Robin today.
4.  Chatting with Jessie for the first time in forever today.  Girlfriend is BUSY!

No milestones.


Korinthia Klein said...

Love that clipboard! (And love that crazy beanie!)

Jori said...

My goodness! That child is HILARIOUS! LOVE her Punzel dress.

Once again Hal, and El and twins. Hal insists on sitting by me, for all meals. She is constantly out of her seat and either leaning on me, or holding on to me with her messy hands. Oy! Even at restaurants, she will always ask to sit by me, and then uses me for her napkin the entire time. I'm glad she wants to sit by me, but......well, you know. :)

jaydee said...

That child is hysterical and, I can really see one of these photographs appearing on her wedding day slide show....mmm... "slide show". Now that's showing my age. But, you get what I mean!
Love the washi tape clipboard. What a difference it made. Now, it truly is a clipboard worthy of use!
Your croci. What a wonderful sight that must be. Us... more snow overnight!