Monday, March 25, 2013

A Trip to the Dentist

Somebody had absolutely no fear of going to the dentist today.  She hopped right up in the chair when they were finished with her daddy, opened her mouth, and was ready to go. :o)

We had taken her last September so she could watch Bitty have her teeth cleaned and she was fairly excited and ready to go then. Needless to say, she was more than ready when her turn finally came today. ;o)

She was uncertain of the chair reclining (can you see her arms there?), but was a good sport.  She received a clean bill of health with a noted concern of some staining on her bottom teeth.  I've been concerned as well.  She drinks chocolate Pediasure mixed with milk so she can hopefully put on some weight and I know it's full of sugar and I'm sure artificial colors so I've been worried. 

The hygienist said to go ahead and use the Sonicare on her (with a little kid's toothbrush head), saying that should really help.  Bitty is to start using it as well. 

Our dentist has two little girls at home, one of whom just turned three, so he was excellent with Miss Bean. :o) 
Don't you just love this goofy face? ;o)  She received a clean bill of health as well, although there are concerns about the amount of plaque on her bottom teeth, as well as the overcrowding of the teeth in her poor little mouth.  :oS

I'm to call the orthodontist again (I've been needing to since one of her back molars has come out...:sigh:) and see what's to happen with regards to possible extractions and spacers.  Poor Bitty.  :o(

Hee hee!  Silly girl! 

Her hygienist and I were chatting as we waited for the dentist to come in, and she said, "She seems so much older than she is.  She's really mature."  And, the truth of it is, she is.  I think that's why I have so much trouble with her sometimes.  Because of her maturity, I forget she's only just seven and expect her to act like one of my fifth graders.  That's really not fair of me. 

As for B and me, well, guess who gets to go back to have tooth filled in a couple of weeks...:sigh:  I floss pretty much nightly, brush nightly, and use ACT with fluoride to repair my enamel.  He brushes.  Sometimes he flosses.  Sometimes... ARGH!  *insert whiny tone here* IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

They had been watching a spot between my two bottom right back molars, and it's fine.  It's a huge stain I have on my upper right back tooth that he wants to take care of.  I've had it for years.  It's a stain.  They can't make the pick stick in it or anything.  But, if the dentist says it needs to be repaired, so be it.  :sigh:  I've come to realized I go to the dentist in the spring and a week later have a tooth filled, go in the fall and have a watch put on a tooth, and in the spring go, and a week later have the tooth filled.  Spring and fillings.  Wheeeeeeeeee.

I was praised for wearing my night guard, though.  :oP  I mentioned no matter what I do, I can't seem to shake all the build-up on my bottom teeth and that my night guard has a lovely bunch of plaque build-up and she looked in my mouth and said, "Holy smokes! It's a good thing you're wearing it! If ever somebody needed a night guard, it's you!" Lovely. 

I came home and ordered the kids' toothbrush heads for the Sonicare and now we'll see what we can do to help Bitty and Bean's teeth to be even better.  :o) I don't think there's any help for mine at this point...

Isn't all this sunlight glorious?

It's not from today.  In fact, it's from that lone day last week that was so gorgeous.  I was trying to snap a photo of the nose prints across the bottom of the door--can't keep it clean with the two yappers around--and captured a (fleeting) moment of beauty.

Look at that.  Sunshine.  Blue skies.  SPRING!!

This is most definitely not spring.  Oy.

The snow was mostly slush and messy by this morning so school was on time.  It's snowed on and off throughout the day, but with no accumulation, with rain in between.  It's been wet, cold, grey and gross out there.  Ugh.

I have this fear we're going to jump right from cold to summer with no beautiful lead-up in the meantime... :o(


1.  No cavities for 3/4 of us.  Not bad! 
2.  I finished a book today.  Yay!
3.  Cuddle time with the dogs this morning.  I was snuggled on the couch with a blanket and they curled up with me. 
4.  A trip to the 'jay to look for ideas for Beanie's birthday--and to pick up dinner fixin's.  We'll hit TJ's tomorrow.  It was just too late to go grocery shopping by the time we had finished and gotten Bit dropped off at school.
5.  The mole repellers arrived today.  I can't wait to put them out!

No milestones.


Korinthia Klein said...

Cute dentist chair photos! I once had a whole cleaning with a toddler asleep on my stomach.

Peg said...

Liam has been great in his first trips too. I think it's a combination of wanting to be a "big boy" in front of his siblings and being the littlest and knowing it's not scary. It was so gross here today too. We were the only catholic school In the area that went today. Emma's high school was cancelled. The 2 hour delay was nice though after a marathon sports weekend. Spring come NOW!!

LisaWV said...

Crazy snow here, too! Glad the dentists visits went 3/4 well. I've got the plaque generating spit, too; my DH can go years without a cleaning and has NEVER had a cavity or a filling. Of course the kids got my teeth...
Hope you have a spring-ier Easter Week! My poor daffs are peeking out from under a lot of slushy snow, trying to bloom. I think we're about a month behind you here in WV.

jaydee said...

Yay on 3 out of 4. Grrr on the 4th! I hate the dentist. hate. hate. hate. As for my night guard. I know I need to wear it because I clench and grate my teeth from tension. However, I gave it up because I was tired of drooling all over my pillow! :-)
I hope the mole repellers work for you. They've been great for us. We have very sandy soil and it was a nightmare for us before we put them in.

Jamar Schaffer said...

Yikes! I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get away as cleanly as your girls did, but hey, I’m sure it was quite a comfort and a relief to know that their teeth are great. I love how your kids took to the whole experience like fish to water. It’s good that they’re enjoying the experience now while they’re still young, so that they don’t develop a fear of dentists when they grow up. That’s a very encouraging thought indeed!

Reginald Cooper said...

Wow, she's one brave little girl! It's really fun to see kids having an easy time with dental checkups. Not only are the kids being taught about the importance of good oral hygiene, parents also gets to know the situation of their children's teeth to secure their beautiful smiles. You must feel really proud of her, no? Good job, Bitty!
Reginald Cooper

Elfrieda Sevigny said...

Wow! She's a one tough cookie! Not all kids hop on the dental chair and act all excited. You must be really proud of her! It's too bad that your teeth aren't as clean as your girls; but to see them all happy and have a newly cleaned teeth must be really fulfilling.