Thursday, April 18, 2013

Of Birthdays and Such

Spring continues to pour forth in these parts.  Leaves are leafing,

flowers are blooming,

(how stunning and ancient is this wisteria?!?)

And pollen is pollen-ing. 

I steam cleaned the carpets yesterday and the dirty water had a thick scuzz of pollen on top--me and my open window tendencies...

And, yes, I did indeed clean the carpets.  I used white, non-sudsing ammonia and white vinegar and hot water, and the carpets are beautiful. :o)  I made a carpet freshener last night (baking soda and copious amounts of citrus-y essential oils) and sprinkled that on the carpet this morning (they were thoroughly dry at that point) and it sat while I was out for my run/walk and errand running and then vacuumed it up when we got home. 

Meanwhile, I can't keep on top of the pollen... It's a fine film coating everything and when I have the windows open I dust all surfaces three and four times a day.  It's the price I pay for fresh air.  Thank goodness for Zyrtec. :oP

All is ready for Beanie's birthday.  Girlie's going to be three tomorrow.  THREE!! Oh my.  At about this time three years ago, we were on our way home from the walk we were on when my water broke. She arrived about 10 hours later.  Mercy I was done being pregnant. :o)

Miss Bean is most definitely growing older if not bigger.  Dr. B was chuckling yesterday asking me if she was out of infant's clothing yet. ;o)  She's in 18-24 months for weight (about 26 pounds or so) and on the cusp of 3T's for height (about 36"--we'll get more accurate numbers in a couple of weeks when we go to see Dr. Jen). 

She has decided she wants cake with "strawberries on the top" so I'm making a lemon pound cake and we'll have strawberry shortcake-ish birthday cake.  We got her a Lalaloopsy mermaid, a Rapunzel lantern (from Lissie), a pink Furby Party Rocker (from Lil), a set of Rapunzel figurines (from Jess and crew) and a Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in a boat figurine set.  Hopefully she'll be thrilled.  I'll be honest with you, I find the Lalaloopsies a bit's those button eyes...:shudder:  But, Bean loves them, so there ya go.  The things we do for our kiddos.  :oP 

I've got to get a card made for her and wrap her presents so I'd best be off.  Oh, and the kitchen needs some attention and I need to get the girlies into bed.  So I DEFINITELY need to be off...


Hiya morning glories!

2.  These babies arrived from Amy all hale and hearty--hooray!  They're a good bit behind the ones here which are about ready to bloom, but hey, I have peonies and really, that's all that matters. :o)

3.  I ran almost a mile today.  Go me!  I'm getting there again! :o)
4.  My clean carpets!  Sure, my sinuses were majorlly opened when I was doing it, but wow they look GOOD.
5.  Spring and sunshine and getting vitamin D the "natural" way.  I just feel better when I get sun.  What can I say?

No milestones. 


Jess said...

I'm the worst aunt in the world - turning three tomorrow and somehow I thought it was still April 16. Can you tell we've not been needing to do calendar daily in our homeschool the past 6 months?!

April is now a month of lots of celebration - two boy on April 8th (Jack and my new godson Joseph!) and Ellie on April 19th. My Catholic anniversary is April 11, Ron's bday is April 10 and Ken and Siriwan have their wedding anniversary on April 12. Whew!

I hope she has a wonderful day. I'm glad she's only turning three so when her present arrives on Saturday she will not realize Aunt Jessie totally blew it this year. :-)

Bailey's Leaf said...

Hooray for birthdays! I remembered her birthday was sometime close, but couldn't recall the date. No rainbow theme? Rapunzel is wonderful! Who couldn't love Flynn? Is there a frying pan involved?

I'm in zone 5, sometime years known as the great white north. Your peonies probably won't bloom this year, but they'll jog along nicely, as long as the puppers leave them be. ;) Give 'em a lick of some organic food. I'm sure that they would love it. They were Hubs' great grandmothers and they were brought by her from Europe. (Denmark, if memory serves.) Enjoy!

Have a wonderful birthday celebration!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Oh, I'm tired. Should have read over what I sent. Sorry. Errors. Drat.

Korinthia Klein said...

I love age three. (Beautiful photos!)

Kelli said...

I'm loving all of those Spring shots!! I love how green everything is starting to get. I need to clean our carpets badly!!! It's so funny you talked about the carpet freshener, I'm making that this weekend. I'm trying to figure out which oil I want to use. I can't believe Miss Bean is going to be did that happen. How cute that she knows just the cake she wants :) Enjoy the celebration!!

Ness said...

Happy birthday to your youngest. She shares a birthday with our Chihuahua who turned 4. Our trip to Richmond from IL was a nightmare with truck breakdown outside of Nashville, a $500 alternator replacement and added expenses but our time in Richmond with my son was great. We went to a Flying Squirrels game, to Carytown to eat at Galaxy and shop and a trip to Friendly's for ice cream. I'm so sorry we weren't able to meet up and perhaps someday we can try again.

Playground Monitor said...

Three? THREE? How'd that happen???

Happy birthday to her (and you since you did the birthing)!

Marilyn - who is suffering from pollen too

jaydee said...

Rach, I so remember reading on your blog about THE walk and the Beanie being delivered a few hours later. Could that really have been 3 years ago? How has time flown so quickly? I hope she had a wonderful birthday.
Thank you for sharing your photos of spring.. that wisteria is awesome! Me... still looking out at snow. :-) Hope your allergies are feeling better and WTG on running a mile.