Sunday, May 19, 2013

Date Night with Brien

I know, I know, more photos of CW.  But, there's a reason for them (other than it was beyond gorgeous and I simply had to).  Angelica babysat for us Friday evening and B and I had a date.  Yes, an honest-to-goodness date.  And, I don't think we even mentioned the children once!

I was remembering how energized I was after our marriage retreat in January and went back through the binder Thursday evening as a sort of refresher for myself.  I knew I was starting to slip back into old habits and didn't want to continue down that path. 

So, Friday evening, we went to dinner at Plaza (YUM!) and then forwent our typical date of an evening spent at B&N or Lowe's (we are so romantic), and headed to CW to walk there instead.  I know so many people go to movies for dates, but I've always said my time alone with Brien is precious and we get it so infrequently I don't want to spend it sitting in a darkened room where we can't talk or interact. 

Instead, we walked and we talked and we explored.  I was telling my friend Terri the other evening I was really lucky I had married my best friend.  Even more, I can't imagine B and I will ever run out of things to talk about.  Ever.  We find the world endlessly fascinating and love hearing the other person's ideas. 

It was probably about 8:00 or so when we headed out and around 73 degrees.  It was utterly perfect.  We started by visiting my favorite garden. 

I'm going to keep visiting this garden throughout the spring, summer and fall to see what is in bloom.  I have a feeling this garden will always have something blooming. 

(As an aside, can you imagine how delightful to live in that little white house with that little white picket fence and look out over this garden??  Okay, sure, except for that whole people-are-continually-walking-through-my-yard thing...if you spend that much time on your gardens, you want folks to come and enjoy them.)

I have no idea what the fuchsia flowers are.  Which reminds me, Sara L, I wish I did know what variety of irises those two-toned ones were because I'm sure I could find someplace for them in my yard as well. ;o)

The snapdragons ("snackdragons" around these parts) are so tall and velvety. 

And the foxglove...:swoon:  It's almost as tall as Brien!  There are so many colors and textures and variety of heights in this one garden it's incredible.  Someday...someday I too shall have such a space. 

Oh, and the peonies.  :sigh:

I'm not sure when my gardening gene kicked in, but it certainly has with a vengeance the past few years.  I'm fairly certain I inherited it from Lissie who inherited it from her mother and grandmothers... Jess has it too--you should see her yard.  :swoon:  She's been updating FYB with photos of all that's in bloom right now.

And, then, I happened to look out over the field and see the sheep in the pasture.  Could it be any more bucolic?

There were at least three other couples walking around in there with us, and I couldn't blame them.  I think I could have stayed there all night. ;o) 

But, we moved on to the CW garden/garden market, wending our way through backyards and more gardens.

I spotted this arbor for the first time.  I swear, I'm over there all the time and am continually discovering new things.

Those are roses behind this sweet bench.  I think Brien needs to build me a bench next...;o)

Why yes, I will just come on in.  Isn't that pinky/golden light delicious?

I saw the white, the irises, the lamp post and the dianthus and needed a photo.  As I was finishing taking it, Brien said, "I hope you were careful, that window there to your right is a bathroom." DOH!

Oh, the picket fences.  All the white fences.  Ah.  I'm with you, Peg. 

Shortly after I snapped this, we came to a cross street where a CW security vehicle was approaching with lights on and sounding its siren in bursts.  As we were about to cross that street, B and I stopped instead, moving out of the way.  Suddenly, the officer steps from the vehicle (while it's still rolling--having failed to put it in park O.o!) and announces to us, "I have something that belongs to you!"


We were so confused.  I had my phone.  Brien had his phone and the car keys.  What could the man possible have?

Putting the car in park (yes, finally), he rounded the front of the vehicle (it looked as if he were walking towards us, our faces reflecting our confusion) and headed for the rear passenger door.  At this point I'm wondering how in the world he has our children.  Yes, that was all I could conclude he had, when out popped an elderly woman. 


Our faces were really reflecting our confusion at this point, as this man continues to look at us and the woman starts hobbling our way! 

Then, we realize, she's heading for the folks who were behind us as they begin to tease her about being lazy and getting a ride with the cops instead of walking with them.  Oops!! :oP

So, we moved on and visited the Williamsburg Master Gardeners' garden.  I've been meaning to head over there to take a peek and I'm so glad I finally got to do so.  (I was sorely tempted to tea leaf some of the seed pods from those columbine there in the bottom left of the photo...)

And, we cut across behind some more yards and found this lovely little space.

It was an oval whose perimeter was filled to overflowing with dianthus.  Those cut-outs in the hedge are for benches. 

More peonies.  I'm beyond chuffed I'll have some next year.  I'm already trying to figure out where I can add another flowerbed...;o) 

Then, I saw this.  *GASP* What did that fence ever do to deserve such treatment?!? Not lovely, just shocking and sad.  :sigh:

I was really starting to lose the light at this point--it was close to 8:30 or so--but I happened to notice this tree.  I have no idea what kind it is, but I'm fairly certain I have to have one. 

Check out the blooms!  Aren't they gorgeous? 

And, in the right light (NOT twilight--I'm going to have to look tomorrow) it looks amazing next to this white house. 

We cruised back on around the backside down Nicholson and then across the Palace Green and back to Merchants' Square where B informed me it couldn't be considered a "true" date unless we had been in a bookstore.  So, we went into B&N (I think it was just an excuse for us to ride the escalators--we really are just big kids after all), read a couple of Pigeon books and then drove home, stopping along the way for a cherry Slurpee.  Because, you know, it was necessary. :oP

It was a beautiful night and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time strolling along, holding hands and simply talking about nothing in particular. 


I am truly loving this gorgeous columbine.  I'm beyond happy I purchased it!

The other flowers as well.  I'm not sure how long they'll bloom, but I'll enjoy them as long as they do! :o)  See, this gardening thing is rather learn-as-you-go for me. 

2.  S/he's baaaaaack:
Hee hee!  The photo quality is rather lousy due to it being taken from inside at my kitchen sink.  But, you can still see how adorable s/he is. :o)

3.  Ellie managed to stay dry all morning yesterday.  Brien had to go out and run an errand and the girls insisted they needed to go with him (ha!) and later, when he was putting Bean down for her nap he was changing her pull-up only to discover she had on underwear instead.  !!! O.o!!! She made it dry the entire time. 

4.  Talking with my Aunt Hope today.  I'm so terrible about talking on the phone to anyone, I really am.  :sigh:  But, she called and we had a lovely chat.  It made me realize just how much I miss my family back home.

5.  Lil's at a "Mad Science" birthday party this afternoon.  So, really, this is sparkly 5a.  She was invited by a little guy who isn't in her class this year but was last year and he wanted her to come.  How sweet is that? 

5b.  Lil's at the party and I'm at home.  Alone.  Well, except for a sleeping Bean. And, while yes, it's true I have this during the week, the difference is, I have chores that have to be done.  Today, I can just sit and veg and not feel a lick of guilt.  She insisted her daddy needed to take her so he did. 

6.  I had a card recognized by the Paper Players this week. :o) 

No milestones.


Korinthia Klein said...

Beautiful pictures! The peonies here are just starting to bud. Can't wait for them to bloom!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Gorgeous! I'm with you. M and I won't run out of things to talk about, either. We still finish each other's sentences. It is rather delightful that we have that.

Completely different subject-- K has gone to Mad Science summer camps twice and LOVED them! I'm sure that Lily had a grand time!

Ness said...

Glad you got your date. Loved the pics...they cheered me up. My 18 year old dachshund granddog, Brandy, went on to the Rainbow Bridge while I was gone for the first time in forever. She didn't want my daughter or me to witness her death. She died in my other daughter's arms. She is at peace. Next time I am in Virginia I will have to book you for a guided tour of CW... the only time I was there was chaperoning my daughter's 5th grade class and watching them like a hawk and didn't see any of the flowers. Have a great week!

jaydee said...

Rach. Sigh. your photographs are so beautiful. They remind me of so many English country gardens I have traversed in my life. Thank you for taking the photos, especially on date night. We really appreciate you taking the time to share this special little piece of America with us. BTW... have you seen the Colonial Williamsburg stamps from Impression Obsession? I heard about them yesterday and thought you would appreciate them.

I am jealous of Lil's "Mad Science" birthday party. What a fabulous idea.


Anonymous said...

Love this post. I am dying to see inside that little white house. You must become friends with them!! LOL