Friday, May 10, 2013

Poor Merida

WHY?!?!?? Why would they mess with this girl who is so utterly perfectly imperfect???  ARGH!!!

Article here.  I'm horrified.  Sure, sure, I "get" the "Disney Princess" thing, I do, but leave Merida alone already.  She's got such wonderfully perfectly imperfect curls (like you would see on any curly's head) and such a wonderfully NORMAL young lady's body, and she's not stunningly gorgeous.  She's *gasp* normal--dare I even say it?--common!  She's lovely and imperfect and relateable and I adore her as she is.


Given the Merida I know and love from the movie, she's just as horrified by this change as I am.  :oS


Korinthia Klein said...

But, see, now she can be sexy! Aren't we all supposed to be sexy and in the same kind of way? Come on Rach! Surely what all our girls need is more sexy role models!

The craziest part about those changes? The character of Merida would be the first to oppose. (Particularly that her bow and arrow are gone.)

Bailey's Leaf said...

She now has a Lara Croft look about her. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

She is not even recognisable... yuck

Jori said...

No messing with Merida!!!!!! Society bugs me! There is too much of this. I am looking at you Victoria Secret and Abercrombie. I hope everybody signs the petition, I know I sure did!!

jaydee said...

You know.... we might as well put Harry Potter under Lasik surgery, pump him full of steroids to make him more muscular and while we are at it, we can make Bilbo Baggins taller, less hirsute and put him in Salvatore Ferragamo loafers after he's had foot surgery!!!! Some things should just be left alone..... Then, there's the issue of the message it sends to girls when we do this to female characters.

Peg said...

My boys love Merida. My nieces of all ages love Merida. I'm sorry but this is just silly. Whoever thought this was a good idea is an idiot.