Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Visit from Our Friends

 Seven years ago, our friends Joe and Cindy came to visit with their son, Bryan.  He and Hannah had loads of fun together, and he met Lily for the first time.

Joe returned last Tuesday for a visit with his (new) wife, Jess, and their children.  Bryan hasn't changed much, but Lil sure has. ;o)

It was lovely meeting Jess--truth to tell, I think she's just like me and she assured me, that like me, she's never met a stranger--and Daniel and seeing Joe and Bryan again.  I've not seen Joe in forever.  Bryan even longer. 

When the children decided it was time to eat, we headed to the Cheese Shop for lunch and a trek around CW.

Daniel and Beanie hit it off at once and we honestly didn't see them unless we went to check on them.  They were a perfect match, Beanie in her 'Punzel mode, and Daniel apparently playing the role of Flynn. I had to laugh when I learned Jess called Daniel "El Destructor" since "Destructor" has long been a favorite name for Bean.  She christened the duo "Los Destructors" and decided they were too cute and absolutely horrifying together.  I have to agree.

Bean actually refers to him as "my boyfriend, Daniel".  Ha! We figure this will last for about a year or so, and before too long they will despise each other, as is the way of the world of children.

I snapped a few quick pics because I can't seem to help myself...

It turns out those fun orange blooms on that tree in CW that I loved were a pomegranate.  :o)

It was a hot and humid day, and the kids were troupers.  But, there was a bit of complaint towards the end so we had to throw them in the stocks. ;o)

Lil was particularly sassy. :oP

We finished out the day with dinner at home and more raucous playing from Los Destructors until it was time for our visitors to drive home.  Around 10:00 I received a text asking if I saw Daniel's Iron Man anywhere.  Sure enough he was in the mess of the playroom and he is boxed and ready to ship out tomorrow.

Yesterday Ellie received a package from Daniel.
Inside she found a note saying how much he appreciated her taking care of Iron Man for him and a stuffed Flynn.  The child was in heaven.

And, because they couldn't leave out Lil, she found a fluffy Marie inside.  :o)

Last week was quite busy with our visitors and GG visiting and staying with Nana and Pop.  We wanted to get in as much time with everyone as we could.  Lissie will arrive Tuesday, so more company is on the way.  Friday is Hannah Heaven Day and I'm just not sure how I'm feeling about it.  Today is a bad Hannah day.  I'm tired.  They usually happen then.  I'm definitely not writing well today and think I'll just end things here.


1.  The garden:

Okay, technically not the garden.  Still, the little brown snake skin was cool.

The wisteria is getting ready to bloom.

So you can have an idea of just how BIG the great big bed of everything is!  CRAZY!

2.  Lil's artistry:
She was drawing illustrations for us the other evening, and asked what was my favorite animal.  I told her I loved hedgehogs, but giraffes as well.  So, she drew me a hedgehog riding on a giraffe's back. :o)

3.  All the visitors we've had.

4.  Ellie carrying around her big Flynn and having conversations with him.  She provides both sides of the convo, typically with one of them asking the question and the other the answer (as she does all the talking).  It's rather amusing.

5.  The humming birds are LOVING the feeders.  Why is it I love seeing my little hummers so much?  It's almost fun to clean the kitchen and do the dishes because I can watch the feeders and see the birds (and squirrels...:oP).

6.  Dinner with Nana and Pop followed by four hands of Hand and Foot.  We played partners and Nana and I won! :oD (In case I've not mentioned it before, I pretty much NEVER win card and board games.  Still, I love playing them, win or lose.)

No milestones.


Peg said...

Don't you love it when the kids of your old friends get along so well. The pics of the little guys together were adorable.

All I can say about a bad Hannah day is I'm sorry.

I'll send you tons of postiive vibes down south this week.

Bailey's Leaf said...

So good to get together with folks and have a nice time.

Lily is quite the artist. Perhaps you shall consider her entering a piece into the PTA Art Reflections contest that your school will have. I'm sure that she would have a good sporting chance at moving on!

I've never heard of that game, but it made me think of Hubs calling me at my brother's house to let me know that K had "the hands and the feet." What he really meant was that she had hand, foot and mouth. My brother promptly kicked me out.

The memory gave me a good chuckle!

Korinthia Klein said...

Sounds like a lovely visit. The photos of the flowers are gorgeous. I'm sorry you had a bad Hannah day. Thinking of you.