Sunday, July 21, 2013

HHD Day and Weekend Recap

I want to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts and prayers over the past few days.  A day that could have been miserable was actually quite wonderful in the end. 

The waterlily is continuing to bloom, and makes me smile and think of my sweet girl every time I see it. 

I have this wonderfully sparkly butterfly to wear as a reminder as well--as if I needed any reminders...
We spent the day at The Science Museum of Virginia with Nana and Pop.  We had hoped to be able to go to BG or hiking, but, as with the year she died, the day was hot and muggy and we really didn't want to spend it outdoors in the blazing sun. 

It turned out to be a perfect place to be.  We could all imagine how much fun Hannah would have had and how much she would have enjoyed exploring everything. 

Surely as much as her sisters did. :o)

As on my first visit to the museum, I was enchanted with the touches that remain from the original train station. 

We explored for a bit, watched a couple of rats named Barbara and Irene play basketball (Lil informed us it was "rasketball" hee hee), explored a bit more and then went to watch "Flight of the Butterflies" in the IMAX theater.  I was surrounded by butterflies. :o) 

The girls stopped to spin the earth on our way out. 

How fun to be able to move such a massive piece of granite with relative ease. 

We were rather happy we had decided to go to the museum instead of to BG when we saw the temp when we got in the van...

We had dinner with Nana and Pop and then headed for home.

Yesterday morning, Nana called to let me know there was a Pork, Peanut, and Pine Festival going on at Chippokes Plantation.  We decided that sounded like a fun way to spend our Saturday, so we met at the pixie boat, released our balloons for Hannah (the silver balloon was the one with a mind of its own this year), and got ready to board the boat.

Ellie was very little the last time we were on the other side of the water and didn't remember riding the boat before.  She had a blast--as did Lil.

We arrived just in time for the parade (such as it was).

The old cars were wonderful! :o)

We walked around looking at all the food vendors and I goggled at the number of dragonflies.  They were everywhere.  I saw seven along a tie rope at one point.

I had BBQ cheese fries for lunch.  Oh mercy.  Cheese fries topped with Carolina BBQ.  Wow.  This was my view while I ate. :o)

We wandered around admiring all the vendors and their wares and explored the grounds of the plantation house.  Unlike those HUGE plantation houses that come to mind, this one was relatively small.  There was a central hall that ran from the front door to the backdoor and rooms off those--four I think...

The grounds were beautiful.  Look at this crepe myrtle tunnel. 

And, check them all out here.  They were massive.  That's Lil in the pink dress to the left of center there near the lower left corner. 

We found a corn field, and saw dragonflies hanging out on top.

We moseyed over to the farm equipment display and found a butterfly garden.

There were swallowtails galore!

Lil spent some time chasing and catching them (she was actually quite proficient at it!). 

We were all hot, tired, drenched and dusty by the time we headed for home. 

I had put off a number of chores and knew the dogs were in desperate need of a haircut and bath.  Since I was already gross I figured, why not. 
This was post cuts, pre-bath.  They are both clean and sweet smelling and I'm delighted to have that rather onerous task out of the way. 

Today has been spent relaxing and doing more gf research.  I'm determined to not mess up and accidentally gluten my honey.  We're moving closer to a diagnosis (he sees the GI for a preop appointment tomorrow) so I'm working on starting to clear the gluten out of the house.  This is a tough one as it's in practically everything...

From the abnormal of "celebrating" a heaven day, back to the "normal" of daily life.  So it goes. 


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Bailey's Leaf said...

Sounds like a delightful day that all of you were able to have together. Color me jealous about the Flight of the Butterflies movie. It's on the list. I swear.

Such a beautiful lily, too!

Jori said...

I was wondering how it all went. I knew bits and pieces, but it was nice to read the full account. I'm blown away by your photos!!! The old cars and barns are fabulous!!!!! Love, love the flowers, butterflies and dragonflies!! Mmmm BBQ beef and cheese fries.

Stephanie Precourt said...

That crepe myrtle is enormous!! We just moved to a new house and have a large one "fencing" our back patio but it's more like a large bush... that is beautiful!


korinthia said...

That parade on a different day would probably just be called traffic. Looks like an awesome time, though! Glad you had fun.