Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Just a Photo Tour

I'm not usually a negative Nelly. In fact, I'm so positive it often makes Jessie sick and she'll grump and grouse at me, "You're such a Pollyanna!" 

Guilty as charged. :oP

So, I couldn't leave last night's rant as the top post even though I have Bible class tonight.  It's really cool, BTW. It's "A Biblical Walk Through the Mass".  Using scripture, the leader explains why we do all the things we do.  The Catholic faith is steeped in tradition and ritual, and I wanted to know more.  This is a fascinating class, but it has a LOT of homework--which I've not finished and class is tonight! Ack!

But, I just couldn't not post.  So, I'll bore you with my recent quick phone photos of CW taken while on the move. 

I'm SO excited about this tree!  I LOVED watching it last year!

And, Peg, this one's for you. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to zoom in, but I thought you'd appreciate the view as it's one I'm sure you're MORE than familiar with coming up the end of DoG Street. :o) 

I'm blessed to live in such a beautiful area and to be able to take advantage of it almost daily. It does Beanie and me good to get out and get the sunshine and fresh air. :o)


Jori said...

So pretty! I can't wait to walk there with you someday. :)

LisaWV said...

Just read yesterday's post, too. Glad you are finding your pollyanna! Really hoping this government shutdown ends immediately. I saw many of the anti ACA folks cackling with glee about this on the news and it just made me ill -- REAL people are going to suffer from this! I wondered if you were one of them, knowing about Brien and the furloughs. I heard a few politicians on tv say "well, it won't hurt to shut the government down for a few weeks" -- well yeah, it WILL. Real people, good people. I am so sorry. Someone on my facebook feed posted this morning that moms should run Congress -- because we'd never put up with this kind of behavior. I do want to put them all in time out right now! Anyway, I hope it is over fast, and that the financial hit isn't awful. I'll say an extra prayer for you all.

jaydee said...

Rach, gorgeous pics as always. I swear the CW should pay you for being such a great promoter of this gorgeous place! I remember watching THE tree change colors thru your blog last year.

BTW.. you were quite within your rights to pen the negative post last night. I'm with Lisa. it's about time women ruled government, we certainly would know how to deal with a bunch of selfish, petulant children! :-)

Heather said...

Goodness. This comment isn't for the post it's on, but I'm certain you'll see it. It is your blog, afterall.

First, big hugs. I can't imagine how hard this is for those affected.

Second, if you do decide to make your blog private, I hope you'll let those who want to continue to follow your crafts and pictures do so. We've never met, but I really enjoy reading about your family and your adventures on the East Coast.

More hugs from Minnesota.


melissa s. said...

Wowow! Like Heather above, this is not the post my comment is intended for, but I hope you will see it anyway. Longtime reader, occasional commenter. I SOOOOO enjoy reading your blog, being inspired by your crafts, drooling over your photographs, and quite honestly, empathizing with most of the mommy things you deal with on a daily basis. Of the many blogs I follow, yours is one of the first I check every day (in my VOLUMINOUS free time as a SAHM!!). Bottom line is don't ever feel you have to justify yourself or your choices to a complete stranger COWERING behind a "shield" of anonymity. This is your space, like you said. Unless they've weathered your storms, their judgements are irrelevant, and worthless. I am so sad that you may take your blog private, but again, this is your space to do with as you'd like. I hope that some of us can join you on your journey if you do make that decision, but that, too, is within your rights. Just know that lots of us are praying for you and ALL of those affected by the actions of our government...but maybe, too, we should say a small prayer for those narrow-minded self-righteous few who obviously have some struggles of their own that they are ill-equipped to handle.

Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself here. As someone who lives/works in the Northeast, we aren't as touched by the shutdown. I'm so saddened by its impact on you, as well as the mean comments.

Thank you, also, for your CW and Blacksburg pics. I have such a better sense of the area! I love the Hokies wreath! Have you ever noticed that the Hokies & Gryffindor have very similar colors? Fits with you having kitties named Fred & George.

Take care,

Lee said...

I couldn't comment on your post from today. I have been hanging in there with you since you lost Hannah. When I heard about the shut down my mind immediately thought of you and i have never met you in person. While I don't know you in person, am not a friend or family member, I am thinking about you. You are a person to be admired for your strength in the light of adversity. Thinking of you from Colorado.

Peg said...

Thanks for the pic Rach! I know well and love that spot very much.

Was glad to hear B was back at work this week. We're still waiting unfortunately. :(