Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Spring Wreath

Please ignore that hot glue dribble there in the middle of the wreath.  Ick.  I always forget it's there, take a photo and then go "Oh yeah, I need to take care of that..." and then promptly forget again.
Well, I got tired of waiting for Spring to arrive and decided to take things into my own hands.  

 I saw this beautiful wreath at Michaels' and knew I could do something similar and figured I could do it for less than what they wanted.

I picked up a bunch of Spring flowers (I got a mix of large and small blooms--they were on lovely sale!).

I picked up a grapevine wreath.

And, I brought everything home where it proceeded to moulder until I finally got around to needing something Spring-y.

I began by popping all the flowers off their stems.

See? Naked greenery.

Close-ups of the flowers and wreath.  Some of the bunches were pricey (before the sale) and others weren't and you could tell by the quality of the flowers.  As I was selecting the flowers, I made sure to find bunches with flowers that complimented one another.  I wanted big blooms to cover the wreath and small ones to fill in any gaps. 

(I wish I had taken step-by-step photos--so sorry!)

I began by laying the flowers out along the top side of the wreath (as it was lying on my desk, so the face).  After placing the flowers where I wanted them, I hot glued them in and began working on the inside of the ring and then the outside.  Once I had finished with the large blooms, I went in behind with the smaller ones.  My goal was to get some uniformity with regards to the shape of the wreath (I wanted it to look round when I was finished, not oval-ish, and I wanted the flowers to stand at a rather uniform height--if that makes sense) and to have only a little of the grapevine showing. 

Working with grapevine isn't quite as tidy as with foam or wire...

But, I can't argue with the results. :o)  Brien looked at it and said, "It looks like Spring." Excellent.  That is just what I was going for. 

While I would love to hang it on the front door, I know I can't due to the heat and the hot glue melting.  Instead, I have hung it on the back door so I can see it in the living room.  I get more pleasure from it this way.  ;o)


Is it a sparkly that my almost-four-year-old can wear an 18 month skirt?

This was Sunday morning. 
The sunglasses are Daddy's.  They kill me.  They really do. ;o)

3.  The before isn't the sparkly, the after is.

This came home from school and I was less than pleased.  So was B.  My child can write and she chose not to, she wanted to read instead.  Uh huh...

I used to tell my students we write because people can't just pop our heads open and go poking around in our brains to see what we know or like or feel about something, that in order for us (the reader) to know, you have to write it all down. 

I also talked with them about making sure your reader doesn't fall asleep while reading, AND, acknowledged that writing isn't always fun, but we write to practice and the more we write the better writers we become. 

Because we take school work seriously around these parts (you saw this post, right??), Lil got to sit down Saturday and produce another bubble map and another writing. 

MUCH better.  The child's handwriting leaves much to be desired, but well, my handwriting is rather awful, so I guess the Lily apple didn't fall far from the Rachael tree. 

I'm very pleased with her improvement.  :o)

4.  Sunny weather and no wind today.  Hallelujah!

5.  A lovely chat with Robin.

6.  I finished All Joy and No Fun and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It gave me quite a bit to think about.

No milestones.

This has nothing to do with anything other than me journaling and documenting.  Please feel free to ignore.

The van is still broken.  The plan had been to get a battery charger to charge the battery enough to get it to Terry's for repair (a new alternator) but the battery is so low the charger can't do its job.  Great. 

I've not been able to get groceries which means nothing fresh and yummy, and lots of stress for me.  I find I'm much better in the evenings if I have my meals for the week planned and I know what I'm preparing.  Looking in the cabinets at 4:30 or 5:00 and trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to prepare stresses me the hell out.  Especially when there aren't any particularly healthful alternatives. 

Tuesday was a crappy afternoon and evening and yesterday wasn't much better.  I was stressed, B was stressed (crappity crap crap day at work--it's been three weeks of awfulness for him at work, coming just in time to coincide with the start of his MS.  Excellent.) and the kids were feeding off that stress.  I'm hoping tonight is better.  This has been a craptacular week. 


Peg said...

-Adorable wreath
-Adorable girls (in sunglasses)
-Sorry about the crap, crap and more crap. Hoping tomorrow is better.


Korinthia Klein said...

What Peg said. (Because that's pretty much what I was going to say, but she beat me to it.)

Anonymous said...

Your wreath is just beautiful. When everything feels crappy, just look at it and smile!

Your description of looking in the cupboards for something to cook...that's me pretty much everyday! Terrible...

Jane xoxo

Jori said...

Awesome wreath! You did a great job with flower placement. I love that you made Lil re do her work. What a huge improvement!!! You know what she is capable of, it's fantastic that you gave her the opportunity to do her best.